Tia’s Keys to Success!!


  • Gratitude Journals!!! What are you grateful for? Write three things everyday! “Be grateful for what you have while you work for what you want!”

  • Say “I am a sexy beast!” “I am amazing!” “I am worth it!” or BURPEES
  • Stand up straight!
  • Chin up!
  • Smile with your teeth…always (mama said)!
  • Give it two weeks, fully committed, and you will be hooked!
  • Squeeze your core, everything is a workout!
  • Always greet people and leave people with a hug!
  • Say “I love you”, you never know when it will be the last time!
  • It is important that you love the person you see in the mirror, do your best and don’t try to compete with anyone else! Be you!
  • Tia only gets you for an hour, you get to choose what the other 23 hours look like!
  • 20% is Hotmess, 80% is in the kitchen!
  • Don’t judge people, you never know what kind of battle they are fighting.
  • Don’t let your back sag on the ball!
  • Throw away the scale! Life is never enjoyed if we are always focused on the numbers!
  • Be nice to yourself! Never say the “F” word (fat) or doubt yourself!
  • Push your self a little more each rep!

You are already beautiful, now let’s own it and magnify beauty from the inside out!

I believe in you!