Can you even believe it this is my first time having a GAL-ENTINE♥️ my heart will explode now!! I just love these two and they still let me dress them ♥️😍

Sharing our favorite affordable looks this year PLUS my favorite Valentine traditions with my kids!!

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So cute right??

Valentines is always a fun holiday especially with kids!! Here are some of the fun ways to celebrate♥️

1. Valentines breakfast!! Heart shaped toast with eggs! Or heart shaped pancakes!

Click Heart shaped pancake mold $5

Or heart shaped waffles!! Click Here for Heart shaped waffle maker $15

2. WITH YOUR KIDS : Cut out hearts on contraction paper, color them with markers and put cute messages on them and with your kids heart attack neighbors front doors or those who you love!

3. I LOVE YOU BECAUSE SCAVENGER HUNT: send your kids on a scavenger hunt in the morning around the house with clues to each one and a “I love you because (fill in the blank) note at each one!

4. CANDLE LIGHT DINNER ♥️ for the family! Make go around and take turns saying what you love about each person!! If you need a quick yummy recipe the kids are bound to like HERES one ❤️

Hope you love those easy non expensive ideas!!

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