“WhAts Rose wearing?” One of the questions I get a lot!! Can I just say dressing a girl is SOOOOOOO FREAKING FUNNNN 😍😜🤩 I have my own doll!! Soo I figured we would start a little weekly segment (I’ll try 😜😅) linking some pieces Rose has plus some we wish we had. 🤪

If you are looking for something in particular be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!! Or if you like this little new segment LET US KNOW!!

Also here’s more links to the cutest amazon finds I found a couple months ago 🥰Amazon cute baby girl finds

🔸OLDNAVY finds for Rose right now 30% off no code needed and FREE SHIPPING ORDERS $50 and more!!

Rose favorite turbans

We love our little 🌹 and so grateful she’s apart of our family!! We all are all equally obsessed!!

Hope your family is doing great!!

Don’t forget how amazing you are❤️

Say it “I am amazing”