WE HAVE A 2020 CAUSE. Wait! We have 2 Causes!

“Changing the world One KALAMITY at a time”

We can not wait to serve and dance for these two amazing families!!! Now with The vault dance studio in Orem and St. George we are able to help more families which is a dream come true!!

Spreading our dance mission🧡

“DANCE FOR A CAUSE” the vault dance.com

Are you ready??? 🥁 🥁 🥁

💜💗Meet sweet INDY LEW BELLE

Our Northern Utah Cause!!

Indy is 3 years old who was nominated by 3 different people specifically a close family friend and one of our KALAMITY members!

Indy wAs diagnosed with leukemia as a baby and it was relapsed! She recently has received a bone marrow transplant and has faced lots of trials since then! She is currently up at primary children’s hospital fighting and being the cutest Indy we love 💗🤞🏽💜 we are so excited to get to know their family and dance for Indy in 2020!!

To keep up and follow her story :


Also on Instagram : https://instagram.com/terahbelle?igshid=w9z64gca774q

💙 Meet our sweet Sterling Kirkland our 2020 St. George cause!!

Sterling is 2 years old and is also fighting for i his life right now. He was nominated by one of our Kaos members as well as others!! In December 2019 sterlings jacket caught fire from a camp

Fire and 90 % of his body was burned! He lost his ears and some fingers as well as other horrible injuries as you can imagine. He is in the Las Vegas hospital being the little fighter he is!! We love him already and can’t wait to dance for him too! You got this Sterling!

You can also follow his story over on Facebook!


🎉🥁Alright fam here’s the BIG NEWS!!

You can help NOW!!

We have kicked off our 2020 causes with a fundraiser RIGHT NOW!!

If your heart is touched and want to help we are asking everyone to donate at least $1 “every $1 makes a difference”

$1, $5, $10 anything helps!

We know you could go to go fund me but we also know that’s a business and it has to operate so it takes a %

We are Asking everyone to

VENMO : Tia- Stokes so we can keep a running total and raise as much as we can till Friday 12am!!!!! We will split the total between the 2 families!!♥️🎉🤟🏽

Imagine if everyone you knew I knew she knew gave just $1❤️💜❤️😭🤟🏽 amazing right!!?

Our goal is $2,000 by Friday 12am

Here’s the link/ https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2252558018019328036

Even if you are unable to donate SHARING IS HUGE!!! PleAse help us spread the word for these two families!! #prayforindyandsterling

♥️To keep up with our 2020 monthly fundraisers for these two families come over and follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/thetiabeestokes?igshid=tldimn16h3k5

We love you allll and so grateful for you!

Please hug your Littles, enjoy today, it truly is a gift! Life is short and Anything can happen♥️the only thing that matters are the ones right Infront of us❤️

Thanks for reading!

Your amaIZng DONT forget it!

Love and Aloha

Tia Bee 🐝 and The Vault Fam bam