I was 8 weeks postpartum and my sweet friend @livingwithalittleextra offered to take newborn pics of our rose 🌹. I had put it off and even canceled a few times before because of the feeling of not wanting to leave my house,let alone see people.

Finally I went. I took rose with no intentions of being in the pictures. I didn’t get ready and I wasn’t feeling like myself because of those

“baby blues” geez those are real Mama.

I just wanted to get in and get done.

10 min in to the shoot Madi asked me to please hold rose and be in a few photos I refused. I refused again. She asked again.

Then felt an impression “Tia this is your only girl and probably your last savor these moments.”❤️😭 So I did.

These photos I will cherish forever. Not just the pictures but that moment in my life of going through one of the darkest times of my life that taught me compassion & empathy for others. while experienceing life’s greatest miracles “newborn life” with my only girl.

Mamas. It’s real. You are not crazy. I repeat YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.

You are normal even though you might feel complete opposite and a bit guilty for feeling that way right now.

Your body. Mind and soul went through so much to create LIFE.

Give yourself grace.

Give yourself time.

Your not alone. Don’t give up like I tried to do. Reach out. Talk to anyone. Getting Help is not a bad thing. We all need help at times. Ask! Please know that your body will adjust things will feel good again. The light will be back.

I’m here to tell you that it can be back.

Mine came back. It took about 4 months for me and still I have random moments but not hours not days not weeks.

I can see good lots of it.

Your not crazy and this is REAL. Reach out.

I promise you will be back. We got to fight.

Because an event my friend Michelle also forced me to go to after having🌹 put on by the @emilyeffect ive learned to say “ME TOO” I’m here for you. Share my story in hopes to let others know that even Tia that you think is always happy, positive, always up has been through it too and I’m here for you. I Love you Emily

Thank you to my sweet friend for forcing me to capture these sweet moments with my Rose that I will cherish forever! ❤️ #metoo #postpartumstory

Photos by: Madi with living with a little extra

Thanks for reading!

Love and aloha