First let’s answer the question I got a lot before I had Rose.

“Why are you getting induced?”

Well first let me start off by saying “How did I not know about being able to be induced with my other 4?”🤪 it never was given to me as an option before…weird idk.

So if you have been around here for a while you know that my birth story with Tazz went as follows. My biggest fear was that Tazz would come while Andy was away for a football game. So I tried to put myself

Into labor before Andy left for a football game in California (7 hours away) And Tazz didn’t come…soooo when he left for a day for the game I swore I would do NOTHING so I wouldnt go into labor while he was gone. So I did nothing. Well Tazz showed us who was Boss by breaking my water while Andy was gone while I was sitting on the couch and being born while Andy was away🤪

So my biggest fear came true.

Soo with Rose when it was given to me as an option…I SAID HECK YES to avoid that happening again! 😅

Let me just say being induced was THE BEST PREGNANCY DECISION EVER! I wish I would have done it with all of my boys!!

I just felt like I wasnt a head case those last couple of weeks trying to guess what was happening or if what I was feeling was labor or not.

I enjoyed my last couple weeks.

I was able to prepare a bag 🤪

I was able to get in one more date night the night before.

I was able to get ready and walk nicely into labor.

I was able to enjoy labor.

My family was able to drive up in time and be here.

All around a better experience!

Amazing!! Especially at Orem Community Hospital! I want to have another baby just so I can go back! 🤪


Andy and I went on one last date

To a Thai restaurant I of course had my mango desert. we finally got the call that night to come in the next morning at 6:30am to have

We were so pumped!!


I woke up at 5am to get ready! Ah So nice!! Made sure I got everything! 2x 3x final!

Sydnee my niece came over at 6am to watch the boys for the day!

Andy and I checked in-at Orem Community Hospital ya 6:30am nervous because I had never done this before! I got Dressed, brush my teeth, hair curled, make up on the whole shabang!! I’ve never felt so put together, calm and easy to have a baby. Usually I’m a mess, not showered I’m tired because I’ve been walking my brains out, confused because I’m not sure what I’m feeling and definitely not showered because I was never sure if it was labor time🤪

My mom and Cambria showed up from Stg at 8am just in time! Another great thing about being induced they could plan and not risk missing it!

They started me on the antibiotic for the strep B that I had. after about an hour they started pitocin and those contractions started to pick up WOWZA!!

No worries though we had time to still get in our “baby mama” dance while in labor 😂 WATCH HERE Baby Mama dance in Labor be sure to SUBSCRIBE 🥰

Then it was

Epidural time…not sure why but this was the longest process of my life this time…the anesthesiologist was telling us all the things that could go wrong with an epidural and my mom was not happy about it and was stressing out about everything he would say. Out loud. So I had to ask her to leave while he did it. Her stress was not helping the situation 😂

she came back right after he was done:)

After a few hours of relaxing , progressing in labor it was time to push!!

Our little no name little girl was making her way into this world!

My dr. Debra came in along with 2 of my OBGYN Nurses who had been at my apts. the last 9 months one had never seen a birth before so they asked if they could come in to see her birth.

I pushed for which seemed like the longest labor of my life 😂 30 min. not very long. But long for me! All my other boys I sneezed and they came out! I started to panic after 10 min of pushing. Andy had to remind me to breathe and they had to put oxygen on me to help me calm down. I was just so worried about not being able to push her out and that I would need a C section . The dr asked if we wanted to use forceps to help bring her out and I could hear and feel my dad say From the other side

“no Tia you can do this” at that moment I had a boost of confidence and knew I could too.

So I continued to push

2:20 pm our little girl was born.

I remember looking at Andy wondering why there wasn’t a cry and the room went silent I tried to read his face while he was watching the dr. But Andy was so calm so I couldn’t tell if She was ok or not. She finally cried. My mom was crying. Cambria was crying. I had been crying. After a bit they told me

Her arm wAs up by her neck so that’s why she was stuck and the umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck that’s why she didn’t make a sound and she was blue.

The dr had to tip her upside down to get her to take her first breath. My little fighter.

What a beautiful sound that cry is.

She fought so hard with my dad watching over her to make it here! She fought to be with us.

I still couldn’t believe it we had our little girl!

So blessed to have our family there for our little girls birth and my nieces close by to come and visit her! I never want to forget this day the last day I was a portal from heaven to earth 💫and the beautiful little gift 💕 we were blessed with to complete our family!

2 days later she was named

“Rose Bee Love Keanuenueokalani Stokes”

Where we got her name coming up in our next VLOG! Subscribe now:)

Thanks for being apart of our family!

We love you!

Your amazing say it “I am amazing”