12 weeks

13 weeks

14 weeks the day after adult Hiphop and 4 hour rehearsal it’s funny cuz after crazy dancing that belly is full popped😹

15 weeks

🌺Aloohhhha!! If you haven’t heard the news yet you can get caught up here 👉🏽Pregnancy announcement and THE NEWEST VLOG I just posted our First Dr. appointment Baby #5 with Maze and Tazz🤪 if your interested to see how blood tests, Pap smear, ultrasound goes with mom and 2 kids under 5😂 I’m sure some of you can relate!?! I wanted to start sharing a fun trimester update and documenting this pregnancy more something I wish I would have done 5 kids ago 😂 it’s fun to look back and see how pregnancy went. Not sure about you but I swear i forget every time!

Just a fun little Q&A for my memory!

How far along?

today 3/12 I am 15 weeks!

Weight Gain?

– to be honest I don’t weigh myself or look at the scale when I go to the doctor…I just do t really care! I always go off of how I feel and I try to stay aware of how much I’m putting in my body! I try not to ALWAYS EAT FOR 2 If ya know what I mean 🤪 I’m sure I have gained probably 10lbs already maybe more😅

Maternity clothes?

Not yet…which is really surprising since this is baby 5!! I thought my belly would be out a lot sooner than before but it kinda seems like my others…but I have been wearing the cutest Busted knee maternity jeans because they are comfy and so cute they don’t quite fit yet but I love them!! I have also just moved into my bigger size jeans:) being a mom of 5 you tend to have jeans in all sizes 😂


Sleep is good as of now!!

I usually only get up 1 time a night to pee! 🤪

Best MomentS this week?

Well no more nausea since the first trimester is done!

Energy is BACK!!! Yahoo🎉

I finally am not as picky as to what I want to eat!

I like water again!!yay!

Andy is the sweetest and always cooks me what I want and last night at 9:30 after the kids went to sleep he went and got us DAIRY QUEEN blizzards 🍦 with our movie! He’s the best!

Oh also I felt the baby flutter a little I’m pretty sure that’s what it was!

Maze told me today he wants it to be a girl and to name her “Charlie” ☺️ so sweet!

Weird pregnancy moment?!

I shared a snippet in my vlog 👆🏽 😂 but I have the weirdest dreams!! Mostly that my kids keep getting eaten by a large shark like fish thing in a lake🤪😭 it’s so crazy I wake up sobbing because I couldn’t save them and Andy has to comfort me! I don’t like it😂

Food cravings?

I’m usually a pretty healthy eater not pregnant but pregnant gimmie all the

🍕🍟🍔🌭🌮 hahaha true Story!

Actually this time along with those things I actually have been craving vegetables and fruit!!! Crazy right?! So lots of apples and veggies and ranch!

Nothing weird yet!

Anything making you queasy?

Just the other day when Tazz pooped alllllllll over the place when I say all over I mean from nose to toes covered every inch of his body it came out of his onesie!! I could t contain my self 🤢🥴

Also taking my pre-natal vitamins in the morning! Can’t do that!

Gender? Are we going to find out?

Is it weird that I am sooo nervous?? I guess cuz I have 4 boys…let’s be honest since I was young I always wanted 8 boys or just all boys 😅 but now I think I’m always gonna wonder what a girl would be like and seeing Andy with a girl☺️ sooo

YESSS WE ARE GOING to find out…I think lol

❤️But the other day I had the craziest overhwelming feeling while driving home from st.George that it was a girl I started crying! I cry over everything! The feeling was sooooo strong!! Crazy right?! Not sure if it means anything but it sure was strong! 💗

Either way at this point we will be shocked 😂

Something your looking forward to?!

Seeing my boys with the baby!! They are sooo excited to have a baby in the house!

Anything different in the pregnancy than the others?!

Yes! I feel unuasually awesome 😂 my energy is a lot better besides being bigger lol I keep stressing if I’m still pregnant because I feel so great Lol my other guys I was sick either the whole time, no energy, tendons hurting , lots of stomach pain, nausea and this time I feel like a rockstar , well for now 😂 anyways

Thanks for reading guys! We are so excited for this baby and can’t wait to have another special spirit in our home! Embrace the chaos because one day it will all be gone 😭 so glad we get a little longer chaos!

Send in any questions you may have for my 2nd trimester update this is so fun!

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Don’t forget how amazing you are