Now that football season is on a 2 month break haha (you football mamas know what I mean 😉

I can pay attention to my house again!! Lol get back to the #tiaandandyfixerupper

After a crazy week last week I had to do something to get out of the FUNK!! Ya know that funk??! So I grabbed the $9 mistint paint I’ve had sitting in my kitchen and started in Tazz’s room! I had some painters tape and decided, $9 paint and a brush I wanted something on his walls but not too much!! So I taped out some 🔺s and actually turned out pretty cute! #highlyrecommended

+++Tell me what you think??? Too much? Not enough?! Ideas???


(These are not the real befores…IMAGINE this was after we ripped out very old rainbow 🌈carpet, old jungle forest green wall paper. We added gray paint, white trim and baseboards and sanded the original wood floors!


🧡 Navy and white rug

🧡Navy and white panel curtains

🧡 yellow velvet rocking chair found on a Yard sale site. Score!!!

🧡 Gray Baby crib

🧡 I got this light idea from my niece aka bestie cam! Old lamp shade covered with material and hot glue you can get these squares already cut out at Walmart! Held up with zip ties! You can make yours look nicer than mine;)

🧡 similar White dresser #1 / White and gray dresser #2 / All white $200 #3

🧡 The cutest Wall toys from Oribel

I love that these toys are attached to the wall! No mess on the floor! Perfect for the bedroom since all the TOYS are in the playroom!!

So if your ever feelin in a FUNK! This is one wY that helps me to ditch it real fast!!! Go to the MISTINTS at Lowe’s or Home Depot grab a random color, grab some tape and a brush and just get creative and have fun creating a fun wall! The possibilities are endless and it’s instant peace out funkiness! #stressreleiver

If it doesn’t turn out…try again:)

After all It’s just paint…you can always paint over it;)

Oh and..

I’m pretty sure Tazz loves his new room😂

Thanks for reading….always more to come fixer upper / FASHION/ SELF LOVE TIPS / LIFE LESSONS / HOTMESS FITNESS AND DANCE and more more more soooo…..

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