Hey guys, if your new here…I’m Tia and this is my Hotmess blog it is just a lot of EVERYTHANG messy and recently we just made the move to Utah County so my husband could be the head coach for Timp views football team💙🧡 soo now your up to speed.

Annnnnnnddd a miracle happened…we found a house in Orem. 7 min away from Timp View high. Culdisack. Lots of kids on our street. 6 bedrooms. 2.5 baths. Full basement. 2 fireplaces. 2 kitchens. Back yard with a fence. A beautiful tree for a tree house 😉. Fruit trees. Not a split level 😝 or split entry 😝 and Just enough character!

Ahhhh it’s more than perfect!!!!

The story goes like this…there’s no other way to say how this happened besides it’s was the will of the Lord🙏🏽 honestly!

When Andy moved up here in March we started looking right away for a house. Well we put 6 offers in on 6 houses and every house we got beat out by other buyers. If you don’t know the market up here in Utah county it is CRAZYYYYYYYY! For instance our last offer we made they came back with a bigger and better so we put down 10k hard cash and full asking price well the other people came back with 100k hard cash and full asking price 😳😤 WTH!!!! Seriously how do you compete with that?! That house was a a heart breaker! So we stopped looking….if we were going to find something it had to be something not listed and someone we knew…not sure how that was going to happen but that’s the only way we were going to get a house it felt like. Soo we prayed and so did our moms 😂 #momsprayersalwayswork

So that’s what we did. I had to leave it alone and put full focus into the show for David Read more and Andy was focusing on football and building props on the weekends for david😂

we stopped worrying about it and every time people would ask when do you move we would say Saturday May 26th. Where are you living? We would reply “not sure yet, somewhere?” 😂 actually really funny to see people’s reactions😳 like we were crazy! We are that 🤷🏽‍♀️ just somehow I knew the lord would provide and oddly enough I was not stressed about it!

About a few weekends ago we went to watch our Flyboys baseball game. We love seeing our flyer family! At the game I got all the same questions…you know 👆🏽 but as I was talking to one particular flyer family member Sharon Brooks she told me about her parents house that was recently vacant because her mom had just recently passed awAy in April. She informed me about the house and how she grew up in it. How she loved it so much and how it was not listed yet. Not thinking much about it she gave us the address and told Andy where the key was hidden to look at it. Because of our last house experiences we honestly didn’t think much and We left that night still focused on the show for David….

Well weeks passed and the David show passed and it was moving week…still no house but we were moving 😂 that’s all we knew. After 3 months of being apart we needed our family back together! That’s all we cared about.

Tuesday of moving week I had to go into Dixie to pay for the auditorium for the David show. Now that moving time was here and we needed somewhere I thought about Sharon and how I felt bad we hadn’t gone to look at her house but I was sure it was too late.

Well as I was walking into Dixie guess who I run into…Sharon Brooks ps I had no idea she worked there🤷🏽‍♀️ and Guess what she asked me? “Did you go see the house yet?” 🤦🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️ ah I felt so bad….She gave me the address again and told me that next week it was being listed so we had to hurry to avoid more fees. So I sent Andy the address and demanded he go look at it NOW.😉

Andy went, Marco polo’d me and welll we LOVED IT it was perfect with a little TLC it was just for us!!! So we put in an offer that night! Waited Wednesday. Waited Thursday. Thursday we put a deposit for a little condo because we hadn’t heard anything. Friday THEY TOOK OUR OFFER 🎉 and said we could move in Saturday while our loan was processing😭🙌🏻🙏🏽 YOU GUYS THE LORD IS GOOD!!! This was a miracle⭐️

Can you believe it?! We have a house?! And an amazing house?! Like I said in the beginning there’s only one way to explain it…The lord!

(Ps the interior pics are not my house 😜 those were taken by My girl Whitney jean before we left St. George! The exterior pic is our New crib☺️)

⭐️⭐️Stars aligning:

⭐️March we stopped trying to control the process

⭐️April 14 th 2018 Vera Ann Larsen passed away and met my Dad😇 those 2 put together a plan ! (I know they had a conversation in heaven)

⭐️end of April I talked to Sharon Brooks (Veras daughter) which was the first conversation we have ever had other than hi/ bye in the 4 yrs of knowing each other.

⭐️Saturday May 26th we moved into

731 E. 360 S.

Orem Utah

⭐️ which is down the street from my dads mom and dads house 😱 I just discovered. Wow! Which means her and my Nana were probably friends since they both lived down the street from eachother in the same ward and now are up in heaven together ⭐️

⭐️ what’s 7+3+1??? 11 How many player can you have out on the football field…11? This house was aligned just for us 🏈 maybe a little too far but to me every little detail serves a purpose!

You guys, there is NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE! There is a PURPOSE IN ALL THINGS AND WHY THEY HAPPEN. We just have to wait and and have faith in the process!! If your having any feelings of doubt or not sure just know that the blessings are coming stay strong, stay true and TRUST THE PROCESS!

If your ever in our new hood PLEASE call, text and come visit us or stay with us we have plenty of room😘

👀 STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ON #tiaandandysfixerupper 🙌🏻

Love you and thanks for reading⭐️

Your amazing SAY IT “I AM AMAZING”