SHOW WEEK of “The Greatest Show” for David❤️ You all get to see the finish product on stage but what you don’t see is the grind that goes on behind it!

The week went something like this…

💛Monday 4am rehearsal last run through before we get to the stage. Awesome, fabulous morning and ready to ROCK IT!

💛Monday night Tech/ Dress rehearsal day! I got there at the stage at 10:30am with our rigging crew from Vertical art and Darren’s crew to start all the logistics of flying of the apparatus stuff! (All of the circus-y acts)

Andy picks up and delivers all the props and finishes any last minute stuff! Kalamity Dancers show up at 2:45pm, my Vault dancers show up at 4pm to start our kid class run through on stage we end them at 6:30pm and start KALAMITYS tech rehearsal with special Guest asap! Phew!!!! This day is usually Kaotic and honestly we never feel 100% going away from it because it’s really out of my control! This night was different we were running THE GREATEST SHOW one last time…during the number I look back and my brother Adam is on the floor😱 I look back again and he’s still there and grabbing his leg😫. So then I stop dancing run over to him and he’s in a lot of pain! He had torn his achellies tendon😭😭 Heavenly Father definitely taught me something this Show week!

my brother was and always is in good spirits! This was sad for all of us because he had been working sooo hard and this show meant a lot to him! He was also in 6 routines!

Andy gave Adam a blessing, we prayed, We cried ,we were sad ,ended rehearsal that night at 12am. Hoping for a miracle!

Welll the miracle was in stretching and growing me as Director. I really just wanted to say screw it, who cares, forget it but Tuesday the sun came up and we only had one choice!!

💛Tuesday THE SHOW MUST GO ON! I called up my brother Sonnyboy asked him to be my partner for “a million dreams” he said YES! Cambria and Kate jumped in on another dance for Adam Thank goodness for Sonny boy and these amazing dancers! They were AMAZING!! We got right to work rehearsed 4 hrs on Tuesday and then another whole show rehearsal that night!

It’s funny when you come to a concert we forget alllll the countless hours that go behind the scenes. You just see the beautiful picture on stage. In all reality these dancers sweat, bleed, cry and put their hearts into every 8ct.

Not only that but we have dancers sewing costumes, taking pictures, cutting music, organizing costumes, making videos, selling tickets, baking bake goods, creating and painting props! It really is a full team effort on every level for ONE PURPOSE!! #lovefordavid

🧡THURSDAY night SHOW NIGHT! Was beautiful all of the hard work paid off!

The kids show was amazing all of our dancers danced their hearts out and the smiles were priceless!

The house was packed and every dancer and volunteer involved gave everything they had to the cause…ps this was the first show my boys were in the BIG SHOW with me…❤️ which was a memory I’ll never forget!

❤️FRIDAY night started off different my brother in law ended up in the hospital due to a heart attack so my sister (who is our MC) couldn’t make it. It was so scary but thank goodness he is doing much much bettter! Andy stepped in as the MC😂 he did a good job!

My good friend Marion who I grew up with came to the show all the way from California!

Friday night ended with a BANG, packed house and because of everyone who came out to support in every angle we were able to raise $14,011 for David’s ❤️ it wasn’t 20k what the goal was but something is better than nothing!! More importantly it’s about the loveand support felt!

I sure do love allll of these people and feel so blessed that I have been given this opportunity❤️ I know that the lord has given me this mission…because I have always wanted to serve a mission but was unable to. I have learned sooo many life lessons through dance.

“Dance is not life, life is a lot like Dance”

I love what dance and being apart of a team continues to teach me everyday! As an adult I’m tested, tried and taught in different ways all the time and I LOVE IT!

I hope to spread the love of DANCE FOR A CAUSE up north and to continue this dance mission “dance for a cause” in St.George as well!!Thank you to everyone that helped out in every way!

It takes a village!



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