Alooohhhhaaaa🌺 Hawaii is my Jam! I love the way it feels and all the good vibes when visiting! I was so stoked to take Andy back for the first time for our 10th anniversary! He is a Hawaii lover as well now!! I mean how can you not be???We had a blast exploring the island, eating all the grinds and visiting family! Can’t wait to go back and take our kids next time🌺

As PROMISED here’s all the links to the suits I wore🌴 Mahalo!

#1 Kortni Jean mix and match collection! Love the fit and very comfortable! I’m wearing a size medium in both! Probably should have done a small top though!

My Kortni jean top my Kortni jean high waist bottoms She has tons of cute suits you can mix and match and make your own!!!

#2 I am loving loving this one piece from my all time love Hurst clothing! It’s comfy and doesn’t ride up your butt like one pieces do most of the time! I love the not too high cuts on the legs!

Hurst clothing they said they can special order for You just message them!

Another similar FAV!!! Stripe one piece #3 ok this suit is the most loved from the trip!!! I love love the material on the suit and the fit was so flattering and made me feel super confident!!! Need that in a suit!

Actually all of these did!!

My white double strap topMy smoke blue high waist bottoms They both come in other colors too!!!

🌋 Now let’s Adventure for a bit! If your like me I go to Hawaii to see family, eat, beach and HIKE!!! Oh I love the hiking in Hawaii!!! It’s just so gorgeous and everything about it is just sooo Ono!!!

Here are some of my favs if your going soon check these out!

1. DIAMOND HEAD this one is straight up!!! Not long but yes is nice to the quads and you will feel like “what the freak am I doing” lol but the view at the end is so worth it!!! +++Do it for the sunrise!!! 6am

2. Koko Head crater trail oh this is so beautiful and so historical and interesting!!! And always a ton of people on it!!! The view is so worth it!! +++ Do this one also for the sunrise it’s AMAZING!!! 6am

3.Pali puka hike this one is hard but soooo cool! It says it’s closed but it’s not! The guide there said anyone can do it…if you dare! I wouldn’t recommend taking kids! So don’t! Lol! But is so cool and a great experience!!! Beautiful views!!!

+++Do it anytime!

Alright! If you ever visit Hawaii I wanna know what you love about it and what’s your favs!!! HawAii is like home to me it’s where my heritage is from and I love all the memories I have of living there in college and visiting with my family!!

Thanks for reading !

Don’t forget your amazing!!! Say it! I am amazing!