In our house the #1 spot to be is in our bed…anyone else?!

Let me tell you we LOVE our BED! Especially since we got our new mattress from The voila box back in August. If you know me I am not a big sleeper/ napper or relaxer 😂 but since getting our mattress I’m excited to get to to my bed every night or stay in it a little longer in the mornings…FUNNY STORY: my friend Holly said “you must really do love your bed, you always instastory in it” 😂😂

This mattress has:

1. Help me to sleep more and to get a good nights rest!!! I use to wake up all the time. Tossing and turning and never getting a good sleep…now I have no problems staying asleep it’s so comfy and just firm enough for my comfort.

2. I used to sweat a lot especially all hormonal, breastfeeding and all that mama stuff but because of the micro fibers and material in this mattress it keeps me cool enough and at a great temperature.

3. With my crazy active lifestyle and old car accident neck probs this is the first bed that has made me feel like it takes away my pain and soreness when I lay in it! Crazy?!? Yay I know but it’s #for realz I honestly feel like I can lay in it all day…which I do some days and I LOVE IT:) #guilty

So grateful….I always knew sleep was important but NEVER found it comfortable or wanted to lay down long enough until I found The Voila Box! It has Seriosuly changed my life for the better!

Even better it comes straight to YOUR front door in a small box the size of my Legend 🙂 so cool!!!

I got the California king and medium level of comfort!!!! Sooo good!!! 5 stars easily!

*this was a gift from the company but the reviews are honest, true and my own*

Hope you all find sleep amazing and get more of it!!!

Love you alll thanks for reading

Love and aloha,