Allllooohhhhaaaa…We are near the end friends. Im 8 months/ 34 weeks and definitely feeling it! My last Drs. apt. I was…..

+ Healthy as an athlete Dr. said “healthiest preggo girl he’s seen” I guess Ice cream, cookies and donuts pay off lol (jk) I do eat healthy….I will share my preggo “meal plan” in another post. All the dancing and Hotmess fitness that I’ve been able to do has helped A TON!

+ All sugar test came back fantastic!

+ Baby is measuring 2.5 weeks bigger! He’s a giant!

+Dr. said time to just SLOW MY ROLE, my cervix is already really really soft so the goal is to keep baby in at least 3 more weeks BUT I have 6 more weeks!

***We are all feeling pretty anxious to meet this little guy, especially Maze…He says ” the baby is taking too long” lol

~~~Lets talk about this dress real quick …..ah its long enough, tee shirt feels and it has POCKETS!!!! CAN YOU SAY PERFECT? I love to style dresses with tennis shoes since I have boys and I do lots of chasing or playing! Sad day 🙁 its sold out but heres another other fav.



***ACTIVE WEAR FROM active faith sports

***All pics by: cambria

We all know pregnancy can be tough mentally, emotionally and physically. Geez, life is already hard now throw some crazy hormones, cravings, a new body on it and you’ve got your self a crazy person haha. I have not been the perfect pregnant woman by all means just ask my hubby BUT here are some things that have helped me through the last 8 months to stay away from getting too low…these are things that I do even when Im not pregnant to KEEP THE FEELS UP!

  1. GET UP and GET DRESSED: Its a proven fact when you get up and get dressed you feel better about yourself and you treat other people better as well! NO ITS NOT BEING VAIN…its called taking care and pride in who you are and showing love to you so we can go out in the world and KILL IT!
  2. PLANTS OVER PROCESSED: During pregnancy its soo hard to try to eat healthy, trust me i know! I have to admit when I would at least choose an apple before I scarf down a cookie my body did feel better and mentally i knew i was at least doing a good before the bad:) Sometimes I wouldn’t want the cookie by then.
  3. GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY: I know I know…the energy is poopy and thats just an extra thing! Really though, taking the time even if its 15 min. to go outside soak up the Vitamin D, sit on the porch while the kids play or stand on the skate board while they push or pull you (if you follow my instagram you know we do this:) dribble the ball, watch the sunset, walk to the mail box:) I mean anything just to get off the couch and raise those 🙂 levels so good for you, the fam and lets be honest ANY EXERCISE at this point is a plus!
  4. Grateful Journal: YOU ALL KNOW I LIVE BY THIS THANG!  Seriously though, keeps life in perspective and helps to remember all the good things about life. I totally feel the difference of when I don’t do it! 🙁 Only takes 5 min. every day….5 mins of sacrifice for a WHOLE BETTER DAY….I got this! –3 Things that your grateful for every day! Thats it!
  5. DO WHAT YOU LOVED: Whats your hobby? Passion? Talents? or just things that you like to do? DO THAT! DON’T STOP!!! 😉 I love to dance that has something that has saved me! Even if your feeling achy (ya know) do what you can, even a step clap to some music will help dance those blues away…you will feel soo much better after you have done something you LOVE because your smiling and having fun!

***Heres a Fun HOTMESS WORKOUT to get that blood movin…hotmess workout

These are things that have helped me…Im no DR. or professional:) just sharing my own “Preggo Blues Chasers” love you all and thanks for reading!