HAPPY 1/2 WAY MARK TO MYSELF HAHA:) 20weeks yo!IMG_3243

My oldest sister Tonya planned the cutest gender reveal this morning! Today was our last day of Hotmess fitness session #17, the day we do our banquet and awards (which you will read more in another post:)

We had 4am Kalamity rehearsal before all of the Hotmess hotties came at 5:30am (yes we are crazy) So we had all of Kalamity there and Hotmess AND my sister, Mom and Brother  Clay came to hear the news!!!

We ate thanks to all of the ladies who brought yummy food,  and then Tonya had everyone wear pink or blue shirts for their guess on what they thought the baby was. Most everyone was in PINK!!!! Tonya decorated the  box with question marks all over it the suspense was so fun and fun to be surrounded by some of the amazing people in my life!

I opened the box and….BLUE balloons and football balloons came out of it….ITS A BOY!!! to be honest it was a little quiet hahah and everyone was SHOCKED haha kinda funny!! Especially my brother he thinks my Andy needs a girl to soften him up.


So guys its official I’m still a BOY MOM 😉 and We are soo STOKED to welcome another boy to our family, to be honest im glad i don’t have to share my clothes yet!!!


Thank you to all of those who made the morning special. I am so grateful for you all!!!

(dang it thats all the pics that would work:( bummer)

Thanks for reading don’t forget YOUR AMAZING!