At Hotmess we spend a whole lot of time working on the inside. Pretty much everything we do is aimed at loving our inner beauty. Here is another thing we can do on the outside to help out our insides. That is getting yourself put together. Put on clean, nice clothes (and I don’t mean your sweat pants without holes), do your hair, get your make up on, put on some accessories. You’ll feel better when you do.

We talk in Hotmess that everyday is a rehearsal and it is true. You have to practice feeling good. That is why it is important that on those days when you feel like sitting around in sweat pants that you kick that booty in gear and make yourself look nice. Choosing to take that time on  yourself is so important. And don’t forget to look in that mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are with AND without the clothes, hair, and make up!!

Mama always said get up and get dressed! You feel better and when you feel better you treat others better!!

Another benefit to taking time to look and feel good is that when you feel good you treat others better. You’ve taken the time to fill your vessel and now you can go out and share that with others. It is a lot easier to be kind and serve others when we feel good.