Be you because everyone else is taken! I mean seriously, if we knew every one like we know ourselves don’t you think we would want to be ourselves. I know I would.

Today’s tip from Tia is to just be you. No comparisons. No competition. No judgement. Just be you. Your best is just that, your best! As long as you are pushing yourself and working hard it doesn’t matter that you can’t keep up. Tia’s level of intensity is definitely not your level of intensity. And your level of intensity is not your neighbor’s level of intensity. If you judge the value of your workout on whether or not you kept up with someone else or if you did as many burpees as Tia you will miss the big picture. You will miss that you did more than you did a week ago. You will miss that your form has improved. You will miss that you reached a personal goal. You will miss the very fact that you are doing amazing!! And please don’t compare the physical results of working out. Last week we threw out the scale. Don’t let the weight someone else seems to have lost take away from your results. All bodies are different and react to healthy eating and exercise differently.

We can take this concept one step further. Love the person in the mirror. You don’t look exactly like anyone else. Everyone has differences (even identical twins). Your brand of beauty is different than someone else’s. A daisy’s beauty doesn’t dwindle just because there is a tulip next door. Your beauty doesn’t fade just because you think someone else is beautiful!!

Flowers don’t compete, they just allow each other to blossom.

So be you!! Allow yourself to blossom and change at the rate you need to. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. You aren’t them and they aren’t you. You are you!! Just do your best and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Words fail to illustrate just how important this concept is. When you are being YOURSELF, embracing YOUR unique strengths and weaknesses, pushing yourself to YOUR limit, standing in YOUR power, and growing in harmony with YOUR gifts and talents you will reach a level of joy you never could have imagined. Being yourself goes so much further than just working out. Be grateful to be you!!

You got this!!!