Now that I’ve shared my experience with PPD and you know my white, black and gray areas. Read it here My PPD BATTLE

I think it’s only right to share the HOW!! How and what’s helped me to kick it!! The up! The rise!!! In hopes to give one mama at least a way and a start 💗👏🏽

So here are my…

10 THINGS THAT HAVE HELPED ME KICK PPD and CONTINUE TO. Don’t ya think!? We need more How TOS to this battle?!? We are fighters and we can!!

I’m not a Dr. or professional and I’m not against modern medicine at all. If these things didn’t help I was very open to medicine and still am!

I wanted to share for anyone else struggling what has helped me and hopefully it can help you if you need it!

I just feel like I can’t tell you I experienced PPD and I’m on the rise and up with out hopefully helping you too♥️ ( most of these were given to me from professionals:)

So here it is!!

1. EXERCISE ! I know I know you don’t feel like it and you have no desire! Trust me. Even if you just move 15- 20 min a day or commit to 50 push ups 50 sit ups 50 squats that’s it! Or turn on that music and just wiggle!! Movement heals I promise!!

2. MUSIC! Turn it on!!! Turn it on!! Even if your not going to dance just turn it on while you do house stuff. Morning stuff turn it on!

3. VITAMIN C 🍊 Take 6-7 k vitamin c 🍊a day I know it’s a lot but trust me your adrenals neeeeed it!!! They have been depleted they neeed it! 🍊What you don’t use you will poop out and when you do just dial down a bit!!!🍊

4. VITAMIN B COMPLEX! Yes. It has to be Vitamin B complex there are other vitamin Bs so make sure it’s complex!! One a day!!

5.. DAILY GRATEFUL JOURNAL! Do it!! Every day commit to writing down 3 things you are grateful for! I know it’s not a lot but just commit to the 3 to stay committed!! Then if you want more here ya go!!The Game Changer

Consistency is KEY!!! So keep it doable!

6. GIRL TIME! This one is a hard on for me but DO IT! It’s good for the soul and good to be around women who will uplift you and who you can girl chat and just laugh!!

7. DANCE!! You don’t have to be good!! Just put it on Your favorite song and DANCE!! It the kitchen in the shower in your closet move!!

8. SERVE!! This one is hard especially when being with people is the last thing you want to do! Start with a note to a neighbor or a great to a friend or picking up trash laying around when your our and about or smiling or a simple Hi! As you start to reach a little more you will find yourself doing a little more! Doesn’t have to be big! Simple acts of kindness!

9. TALK!! Talk about it!! This one helped me a ton to realize I’m not alone and not crazy!! Hearing other women’s stories helped me to feel a sense of togetherness, support and that I can overcome! Talk!! Reach out!!

10. Magnesium!! This one came from my cousin Leticia Vibrationality take your magnesium! Yesssss!!

💗 BONUS💗 PRAY! Talk to your Heavenly Father or your high power who ever you believe in! Ask for help!! Don’t give up! You got this!


I’m here for you sister and love you!

Even if your not Postpartum but just feeling Blue give these a try!!!

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Alright love you and don’t forget your amazing

Say it “I am amazing”