The St. George Vault Benefit concert was something special alright! So many tender mercies leading up to these 2 amazing nights for Toni our 2019 cause! Her last show before we choose a new family for 2020! It’s all so emotional!

Together we raised $6,394 raised for Toni and her cause! This beautiful woman endured a horrible stroke that lead to her re learning everything and fighting for her life! Get his she’s always smiling and happy! Always! She is our example! She even sang I am a child of god and silent night at the end of the show it was touching!

So grateful for all the amazing people in the life of the vault fambam! Who continuously reach out and serve along side of us!

“A life lived for others is a life lived worth while” – Albert Einstein

12 years of dancing for a Cause! No other way to live my passion, my dance life, my love than through giving it away!

So grateful the lord has blessed my family with this opportunity ♥️

We all have a talent to give. We all can do service just by passing a simple smiling. That is huge! Your amaizng don’t forget it!