Guess what I did?! Went shopping with 2 kids instead of 5🎉 celebrating the little things! We barely fit into the stall as you can see:) but I was in need of sweaters and especially turtle necks cuz it is collllld here!!! So here’s the ones that I loved!! (Links at the bottom) Be sure to follow my for more shopping links that I don’t share here!!

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These sweaters are so cozy and so easy to wear all the time and affordable! These Jeans are a Mama must stretchy and high waisted be sure to size down!!

Along with cozy sweaters here’s our home cooked yumminess ⤵️

GOULASH” my boys go crazy over and we will be eating lots of this winter!! Try out the recipe and lmk if you guys like it! If you make it tag me @thetiabeestokes. My brother Clay use to make this when we were younger and it was my favorite and still is!!

Recipe: this is what I do for my family of 6

You can add or take away as you wish!

2 bags Egg noodles

1 or 2 pkg ground beef or turkey

Season salt & garlic powder (to taste)

2 cans Cream of mushroom soup

2 Cans Corn


Boil noodles in a pot to desired softness drain and wait for mix:)

In a seperAte pan brown meat add season salt & garlic powder to taste

When meats is fully brown add cream of mushroom soup & corn to it.

Then add that mix to the cooked noodles mix and SERVE IT UP!!

Soooo good!!

Hope you enjoy!!


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