It’s the simple things that make life happy…like winning your Little league CHAMPIONSHIP game 🏆

Yesterday ended Major and Legends little league tackle football seAson with a CHAMPIONSHIP WIN! It was their first year playing on the same team as TimpView T-Birds! 🧡💙 T-Birds Like Dad!

As a coach myself I’m learning to be on the other end…the Parent side. 😜 Man it’s hard. Since moving here over a year ago and us knowing no one. No one knows Mom. No one knows Dad and our boys being new and not very good. So watching my boys stand the sidelines has been hard on my mama heart! 😭

I have to be honest it’s hard going to games just to watch ah I just wanted to hug my boys.

Watching My boys stand on the sidelines and not Play. Paying lots of money money for them to stand or water boy. WTH!???

Not watching them get the opportunity

To have fun with the other kids. It’s just a game let all the kids in. Geez their kids , This is little league let them Play! Right?

I get it now.

How many times the Mama Bear in me wanted to write an email to the coaches and stand up for my boys and throw a “Mama B Fit” but

Honestly though what would my boys learn if mom just ran to the rescue ? What would they learn if they didn’t work for it and just got to play? What would they learn if they didn’t earn the privilege to play and learn that playing football is a privilege! What would they learn if they didn’t understand the concept of practice practice practice and then at home practice on your own when no one is watching is what counts?

What would they learn if they just knew they would play even if they didn’t work hard because their dad is the high school coach?!


So this is my mama apology to coaches all over “I get it” your job Is volunteered and you are doing your best and I want to say…

Thank you Coaches for teaching my “Mama side” to stand DOWN. Support YOU while supporting my SONS. Not just be my sons fan but the coaches too. Not cuddling my son and enabling them at home but telling them to work harder and to have your back AT HOME even though it was hard to watch my boys sad. I knew you meant good. Learning my mama lesson that “Standing the sideline” is GOOD-for my boys and has taught them more then just getting to play. It’s Not a bad or sad thing. Thank you for making my boys work for something and appreciate. Thank you for teaching them to work hard, have discipline and cheer on their team mates. Thsnk you for teaching them to support and be happy for others and not be a hater . Thank you for teaching them to appreciate the game they have grown to love because they had to work for it! Thank you for teaching them 200% is done on their own when no one is watching. Thank you for teaching them that nothing is just handed to them! Thank you for teaching them life lessons that will make them better humans one day , husbands one day and fathers one day and already better than yesterday!

Thank you for teaching them that “standing the sideline” (trials) are not a bad thing but a way to make us better and teach us way more than “ just getting to play” would ever do!

Last but not least…

Thank you for teaching them how to fish because I know in this life they will have to know how to feed themselves mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally!

Mommy and Daddy won’t always be there.

“Stand the sideline and GROW…is the Goal”

USUALLY WE SAY “Life is a lot like football” but in this case “Life is a lot like Standing the sideline”

Thanks for helping me raise my boys and teaching my boys more than just football.

It takes a community!

This year Major grew so much going from not playing to kinda playing to playing to being a BIG PLAY MAKER on the field. Made me as a mom so proud of him because I knew how hard he worked for it with a smile on his face! Watching his confidence grow through hard work and persistence made him proud too!


I know it’s only little league but I know him learning this now will only make him better through out his football career and life.

Legend is still learning, growing “standing the sidelines” cheering on his teammates especially his brother ( I think he’s Majors biggest fan) it’s cute to watch him so proud of Major while he doesn’t get to play speaks a lot about Legend! LEGEND did get one Tackle this year!! (Thanks to a $1 store incentive 😉)

So if your like me and it’s hard watching your kids in sports not getting every opportunity as others just know that the Coach loves your kid he loves alll the kids and encourage your kids to do hard things and keep working and that

“Standing the sideline” is not bad but FULL of teaching moments and a great LIFE opportunity to grow if we choose it!

Thanks for being part of our family!