❤️ Today Andy was Inducted Into 🏆THE HALL OF FAME 🏆 for Football at his Alma Mater, William Pen University. I had the honor of introducing him in which I felt totally inadequate for since I didn’t go to school with him or didn’t know much about football! I had president Ottoson come up and tell some fun stories about Andy from college ! Him and his wife were so good to Andy in college. It was so fun going back to the school that was a big part of creating his future! If you know my Andy you would never know all of his accomplishments because he doesn’t talk 🤪 that’s what makes him so special.

“Anything is possible if you do the work required to get what you want but if you stand with your hand out you will never get anything great.” – Andy Stokes 💫 #hardworkpaysoff #alwaysworkhard

#halloffame #mrirrelevant #allamerican

Rosie’s dress: TARGET

Andy showed me around Oskaloosa 😅

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We got to go to a WP football game sit up in the suite and where he was also presented at Halftime!

A Cool story about Andy:

When Andy was in high school he played QB, he was told by his coaches that he wasn’t good enough to play for their team and he wouldn’t see the field. Andy never let that hold him back. If anything it fueled him. He tried to go to a different school where he would get a chance to play but because of rules he couldn’t transfer. He had to move. So his amazing parents gave him the opportunity to move to Moapa with his grandpa so he could get a chance to play high school football and he did! His amazing dad would drive down every week to stay with him. His parents are amazing!

Well Andy went to receive football scholarships and play tight-end in college. Which led him to playing in an All Star Game where he was noticed by NFL SCOUTS. The Green Bay packers wanted to sign Andy if he didn’t get drafted. Well Andy was the last draft of 2005 to the New England Patriots also known as Mr. Irrelevant! Which is very big deal!😅 they celebrate a whole week for Mr. Irrelevant! He also went to play for the Arizona Cardinals and also NFL EUROPE!

Can you even believe that…A kid that was told he wasn’t good enough to play for a certain high school rose above the rest , let that be his fuel instead of believing in those words he let those words push him to be the best he could be and reach his dreams! That’s Andy! Still rising and helping kids rise to reach their dreams.

If your that Andy or if you have that Andy…don’t stop believing, work hard and go after your dreams! I hope to be like Andy’s parents and help my kids like they did for Andy!

So proud of this guy he never ceases to amaze me with all he does! He’s smart like really smart he got his ARL (teaching license) in 2 months while coaching football I remember him coaching practices with the class going on in his ear! 😅amazing right?!

He’s a hard worker, loyal, trustworthy, committed and can pretty much do anything!!

On top of what he does he’s an amazing husband and dad!

Love him so much!

Thanks for reading

Your amazing