He got his Rip-Stick not Rib Stick🤣

1. Major is more adult than his mama always reminding me what’s right and what I should be doing. Like make breakfast 🤪

2. When Major was a newborn and he was my first so I was on top of it. I had him on a sleep routine…we read every night in his rocking chair…now he loooves to read! Just like his Dad!

3. Major loves babies! If there’s a baby there’s major!

4. Major loves to dance! He loves to perform like his mama!

4. Major spoke in sign language before he spoke🤪 (another first child mom moment)

5. Major loves Golden Coral

6. Major has a garden that he planted and tends to faithfully. He’s grown broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions. He wants to be a Gardner like uncle Adam!

7. Major loves football surprise surprise! He plays QB & D tackle

8. Major LOOOVES CLEMSON and hopes to play there one day! Not sure what drew him to Clemson but he’s loved it since he was 8!!

9. Major grew up on the football field. When I was pregnant with him Andy was coaching Dixie Freshman and we used to go with him to every practice and He still does!

10. Major loves to babysit his brothers!! He’s very good at it!

11. Fun fact: Major takes 90% of my pictures for my instagram and the Blog! He’s very talented!!

❤️Funny Major story: When Major was (2 years old ) and I was a Dr. Pepper addict 🤪 my mom told Major that soda eats your bones. Well that stuck in his little 2 year old mind and he went Soda Natzi AT 2 😱 on me and anyone else that drank soda! He would cry and scream if we drank soda begging us not to. He would sneak in the kitchen and dump my fresh 44oz of Dr. Pepper down the drain. He would throw our drinks away and lecture us AT 2 🤣 that soda ate our bones. We just laugh about this story still!

We love our Major and so grateful he came to our family!! Especially as my first child he is my saving grace and is my first BFF!