Alllohhhaa🎉 If you didn’t know Andy my husband is not just the head football coach he is also a full time teacher!

I see how much he puts into

His students and team! He loves what he does and we see the work that goes on behind the scenes as a teacher.

So we wanted to do what we could to help other teachers who are dedicating so much time and their own $ to their students / our kids! ❤️

So let’s come together and help them #clearthelist ❤️ any little bit helps!

(This is not sponsored or anything just wanting to help)

Here are the teachers who have sent their lists!! ⤵️

Hi!! Thank you so much for supporting teachers!

I’m a third grade teacher in a really low income school. My students can’t afford school supplies and my school doesn’t supply us with much.

Its also my first year teaching so in addition to supplies, i need some resources that can last a few years! I’d be so grateful if you shared my list!!

Malia Gould

Hi! I’m Geina, I’m a first year pre-K! I just graduated from college in May & currently going to grad school while being a full time teacher. I have such a passion for young children, & I’m so excited to shape their future. I believe teaching toddlers comes with lots of play & daily activities. With that being said, since it’s my first year I have already laid out almost $500 on furniture, books, manipulates, book bins, paper, markers, crayons & things for a daily lesson etc. The list can go on & on… Being an effective teacher means having to buy all these things & more. The school provides us with a budget that helps, but doesn’t nearly cut what teachers truly need. I am hoping #clearthelist will help me & my first year teaching. Anything will help! Most of the items on my list are for our class sensory bin! I’m am truly grateful for this movement & I’m so appreciative! Thank you so much.❤️

Hi there! Saw your IG story and wasn’t sure if you were looking for other teachers but thought I’d give it a shot! I’m a first grade teacher at a Title I school with students who come from great families. I love my job and it’s so rewarding but I could use all the help I can get to provide my students with the best environment possible! I’ve got everything from books to chairs on my list. Thanks for looking/sharing!

Ashlee Cardon

Thanks for helping get the word out about #clearthelist


So much you guys!!

Your amazing “say it” I AM AMAZING