10 days left tilll we officially meet Baby sister!! can you believe it?!

If I’m being honest…I’m actually really sad that this might be the last time I may be pregnant so I’m savoring every minute of her in my belly😢☺️ I’m not concerned about going early I’m just enjoying it even with the swollen feet , hands and all the uncomfortable feelings…I just want to savor it!!

We are so stoked to announce…..

We finally have a pink space in the house for her and we couldn’t be more excited…the boys really are!! Lol

Sooo because we felt like Tazz still needs to be close to us and needs his room and I’m just not ready to let him move in with the big boys 😭 he is keeping his cute room we did for him last year!! If you haven’t seen his little BOY ROOM REVEAL See his room here

We want to keep baby sister close but our room is pretty small sooo we decided to share a space with her….my closet!!

I actually really love it!!! I think it turned out real cute she gets her space and she’s still very close!! If you wAnt to watch the Click Watch BABY GIRL NURSERY TOUR

Nursery details:

+ The Moon Crib: Andy made for Tazz and now using it for BABY GIRL 🌸 here is a Moon crib tutorial he used!

+ FARM house shelves: ANDY! Links to farm style brackets

+ pink leafy wall paper is from

+ gold and cream wall paper is Target

+ baby mobile from :

+ rug: Target

+ Crown throw pillow Shop here

+ Sparkle throw pillow Shop here

We are so stoked!!

Can’t wait to welcome our cute little girl into our HOME!!

Thanks for being here love you all!

Your amazing don’t forget it!