Can you believe it it’s getting closer to meeting out little Rainbow 🌈Baby!!

If your here from my Instagram post and your playing the game I have the answer…if your not then you should CLICK


I recently got a Amazon gift card for baby girl and these are some of the cute threads I found for her….now to find them in my size🤪😅🥰 #twinners

Orange romper

Yellow floral romper

Daisy romper

Mustard yellow ruffle romper

Pink romper

2 piece denim bum shorts : modern

floral top

Red Annie outfit

Good poka dot bum shorts & white tee

Red long pant romper suit

Light Pink ling pant romper

As you can see I can’t wait to dress her!! So exciting!!


The TRUTH is:

1. ANDY IS LETTING ME NAME HER W/out any input😂😅 Can you even believe it?! He usually is super involved and has a huge say but since this might be my only girl, that’s his gift to me😌 what a sweetie 😂 Actually though now the pressure is on!!!!! Ahhh!!

Sooo still NO NAME YET😅🙈 and I stillllll have an appetite😂 even though I look very much full!

BUT I do have a middle name, aren’t you proud?! Because I’m poly this might be half of a middle name 🤪 but this is some of her name and it’s a start😅


How to or Pronounce it: K – ah – nu- eh – nu – eh – o – ka- la – knee

••• it means Heavenly Rainbow!! 🎉 if that isn’t perfect to go along with our little RAINBOW 🌸 after The Storm 👦🏻👱🏼‍♂️👦🏻👶🏻 I don’t know what is!!! Thank you Toni our St.George cause who gave me the name!! It’s beautiful!

Also my Dad use to always sing “I’ll build you a rainbow” which the song means “Families are Forever” And such a beautiful reminder and gift that she’s a gift from above! Give the song a listen you will need tissue.

Ok now I’m crying!!

Well fam thanks for being here and for all the love and support! Through our journey!

Love you all

Your amazing DONT FORGET IT!