Aloha!! So its been a year (actually now 1 year and 2 months πŸ€ͺ) since we made the Big move to Utah County for Andys job at TimpView High as the Head football coach and boy We have been busy! Since day 1 of moving into our #tiaandandyfixerupper we have been working on our house. no joke. the night we moved in since it was the first night i saw it in person we started pulling up carpet (hence why we don’t have any pics of the fabulous carpet that was all through the upstairs) it was out like that! lol

If you want to check out our 1st DIY in our fixer upper (entry room + kitchen)

2nd DIY Fixer Upper master bed / MBR demo which i just realized I never showed an after of our Master Bedroom dang it…ill do that later! for now I hope you enjoy our Extension Family Room Makeover!!!

Cool Story: All the houses on our street are pretty much the same with the miracle of finding this house (as you all know) the father of this house before built this HUGE room on for his 9 kids in the 90s. Just like my Dad did in our house in Rancho Cucamonga. My dad also built a huge extension family room on to our house in California for all of us kids! So we lucked out!!! Im pretty sure he had a hand in this! We spend so many of our family activities in here and love this room! As you will see on our FUN FAMILY VLOG of the reno of this room and all the FUN MEMORIES in our 1st Year!!!!!!!!Vlog coming soon be sure to SUB😘😘😘

The whole room was lined with this light blue floral wall paper with a wood border that we took down!

we painted the whole room a light gray which was more difficult than you think cuz the ceilings are 17 ft!!!!!!!! took us a while!

This is the back of the room. this door goes to the “mud room” we call it a hallway that is indoor but like an out door room for the boys to put their shoes , jackets and stuff and leads to the backyard or garage!

you can spot the lined wall paper and wood border on the wall here in the big room and little Tazzy!

look at that out door yucky carpet in the dining area πŸ€ͺT hat was the hardest part of the house for Andy!

+Progress Pics: before we added our new lights and some decor!! See Those high ceilings love them! we still want to add BEAMS UP THERE!


*PAINTED ALLLLLL THE WALLS: LIGHT GRAY just gave it an over all lift and solid color

*PAINTED the stair banister white with a gray top!

*ADDED White Wainscoat

*ADDED thicker white baseboard to the whole room

* Restored the old brown French doors to BARN DOORS😍 Andy is amazing! like our bed we LoVE taking old pieces and making it new!

*ADDED farm house trim to the doors

* Andy built the desk area , farm shelves & the green chest bench β™₯️

* Our DI desk turned Entertainmemt center was our first furniture purchase in this house! Thank you DI

Andy has made everything else except for for the couches πŸ™‚ lol

+ here are PICS OF THE OLD LIGHTS….wait for the new ones πŸ₯°πŸ€©

what do you guys think?? I’d love to know:) When we moved having 2 living areas was on my list of house wants….and we sure got that! So grateful!!

Thank you to :



For sponsoring My NEW LIGHTS for our beautiful New Reno room! What do you guys think? Do you like them????

+ My rug :

Our Family motto : “Enjoy the ride”

Because that’s exactly what this year has been! Ups, downs, loops, sharp turns, long drives hahah and lots of growing moments! Which is good for us! The lord new what we needed!

I can’t lie. It’s been hard being away from family, the studio , people we are close to and familiar And starting completely over!!

to Anyone moving…GIVE IT A YEAR…I just barely feel like I’m settling…

If anything this house has been a blessing in many ways but mostly to keep us busy and occupied!! We are growing and have learned a lot! We were too comfortable in St. George and you know what they say about comfort

“Comfort the enemy of progress”

So we have totally been pushed out of our shell and have not been comfortable lol and it’s a good creating and recreating!

HERES A a Year in Review for our Fam!

Andy: finished his first Timp View Season in the playoffs! It was a tough year for him, many talks of telling him “he’s doing a good job” rebuilding and trying to create a culture is hard! He’s doing it though! He’s teaching PE and loves his special needs students! He loves his football players! He is a Sunday school teacher in our Samoan ward! Which we love and he has been busy making my studio for me as well! He’s one supportive husband that’s for sure!!

As you can see he’s been project after project on our house! He’s a rockstar Dad and husband taking care of us all!

Major: 10 , 11 in October: Believe it or not Major is our Laundry guy! He does laundry every day…in this house you gotta Do a load every dayπŸ€ͺπŸ˜… he’s amazing at it! He loves his new school Edgemont! He’s one of the tallest in his grade and the best reader, gets it from his dad! He loves football! Played his 2nd year of tackle football football season with the BUFFS and did great! Love watching our kids work for their spots! He went to the BYU camp and got MVP in his age! He planted a garden like uncle Adam and has grown broccoli and tomatoes so far! He loves to build he built a dog house in the backyard and loves to do things like his dad! He’s a great helper to me with his brothers, loves playing with his neighbor friends! He will be playing QB this year and he loves to dance for a cause!

We love our Major

Legend: Just turned 9: is our trash guy every morning this guy Empties all the trash and Him and maze food and put away the laundry! He is getting tall like his brother! He also loves his new school! They love being right across the street from Andy’s school! Legend loves football too and played his first year of tackle football! He stood the sideline a lot but that’s ok he’s learning. Legend and Tazz are bffs and it’s so cute! As for Legend and maze…well they are growing πŸ€ͺ Legend loves helping and is one of the nicest kids at school he even got an award for it! Legend is our ball of energy and never gets tired!πŸ˜… He also loves playing kick ball in the street with our neighbors and loves to dance for a cause!

We love our Legend

Maze: 5, turning 6 In September: This guy folds and puts away the laundry!

Maze finished finally finished a full year of Pre -school 😜( WATCH ultimate Momfail Here be sure to Like & SUBSCRIBE β™₯️) Maze is nice to everyone! He loves everyone and always is looking out for his mom! I’m still his bFF for now;) Every night when we say our Gratefuls he still says “he’s grateful for mom” every night 😌 He loves to ride his bike and loves playing outside with the neighbors! He can also play alone and have no problem with it! He still doesn’t like football but wants to play baseball! This little guy also dances for a cause and is my bff I’m gonna be sad when he goes to school all day!

We love our Maze!

Tazz turning 2 in September : Bosses us all around πŸ€ͺ

Out little Tazmanian devil!! He is our whirlwind and BOSS BABY for sure! He runs the house for now!πŸ˜‚ Tazz loves legend they are besties! Tazz is learning sign language and says “please” “thank you” “more” and “eat” ! Tazz loves to be outside and actually is very much heard when all boys leaves he wants to go!! He loves chocolate and his Dad is his twin! He already loves football and loves to be with his dad any time he can!

We love our Tazz

Over all it’s been a great ride of a year for our family! We love our neighbors our neighbor hood rocks and love all the people here around us!

BIG NEWS if you haven’t heard a year later we are spreading our Dance Mission “Dance for a Cause” and opened THE VAULT in OREM!!! How exciting is that?! My boys have literally been born into “dancing for a cause” so it’s been missed for us here! They are soooo stoked to be dancing to help people again! Although it hasn’t been easy we know it will be worth it! So if you have any friends and family in our area let them know about THE VAULT we would love to dance with them!! We are so grateful!

So excited for what The future holds and in the next couple weeks future a baby πŸ’“ girl in and another season of Football at the same time!! Can you believe it?! We love this crazy busy not perfect but perfect for us growing family of ours!

” We may not have it all together but together we have it all”

And We love it!!

Thanks for reading and we love you all!

Love and aloha

Tia the bOys and Baby πŸ’—girl