THIRD TRIMESTER! Wow I feel like this pregnancy has flown! So fast we missed the 2nd trimester update!! 🤪 I can’t believe we are already here and so close to meeting baby Girl! I think the more kids you have the busier you get time just flies!

My boys couldn’t be more excited!! Feels like yesterday I was just telling them we were having a baby WATCH HERE! And now she’s coming! Gender reveal gone wrong

❤️Thank you to for these beautiful Maternity photos! The first time I have ever done a maternity shoot!

I highly recommend it to all my mamas…I wish I could have done one for all my boys!! I know we will all cherish them!

+ My dress:

•How far along? 36.5 weeks

•Weight Gain? Um of course! Haha but I don’t weigh myself and to be honest I haven’t been to the dr. Since my 31 week apt😅🙈 It’s been super crazy around here

•Maternity clothes? YES! I was in those in my 2nd trimester…to be honest I’m moving into ANDYS CLOTHES 😂 at this point in my life! But I do enjoy wearing rompers and dresses right now!

💋Follow me to see what I’m wearing right now!!

•Best Moments this week:

Well Andy did a lot of cute things to the new studio that I am loving! He also has been touching my belly a lot more this week🧡 I think it’s getting real.

Maze giving baby girl hugs all the time♥️ telling her he can’t wait to meet her

Major and Legend helping out so much around the house and with Tazz so I can rest more. They are the best

Taught adult hiphop again! Still dancing and moving! Thank the Lord!

Did a fun Splash MOB with our summer camps WATCH HERE In Orem !

•Weird Pregnancy moment?

Weird dream that woke me up! Totally thought and felt like I was having 7😱 babies at once!!

Also the boys are teasing me that this baby could still come out a boy🙈oh no!!

•Food cravings?

Not really any cravings! 2nd trimester I drank lots of water I craved and actually wanted lots of salad & pasta!

3rd: just whatever… cravings.

Wait I lied I do like Taco Bell 😂🙈

But I mostly feel full all the time right now!

•Anything making you queasy?

Poop smell

Outside wet dog Boy smell

Dirty feet smell

Anything that doesn’t smell like a candle smell 😂

I have to say this is the first pregnancy my sense of smell has taken over my moods 😅😂

•Something I’m looking forward too with Baby girl?

Dressing her of course ♥️

Seeing Andy with her ♥️

Watching my boys with her ♥️

Teaching her how to be confident , love her self and Dance of course!

•How is this pregnancy different than being pregnant with the boys ?

She is Alllll out front! Lol

My boys I carried long, low and in my back…she is alll out front! She demands to be seen😂 already

•I started retaining water when I found out I was a pregnant

•A lot more moody HORMONAL 🤪sorry babe

•My belly is Way more round.

•She doesn’t like candy my boys did

•Heart burn is wayyy worse I’ve never eaten so many tums in my life!

•irritated easier

•haven’t had the drive to workout like my other guys

•I am definitely

Enjoying pregnancy a lot more this time around! I am enjoying the bump and just being pregnant!! The miracle of growing a human! My body change hasn’t affected me this time around at all. I believe I have a better understanding of this time is so short and will be over before I know it and I want to cherish this time instead of wishing it away! My body will be back to normal again but this time is so precious, short and IM MAKING A HUMAN🤩 I’m actually a little sad that it’s coming to an end…is that weird?!

After all this could be my last time! 😢

4 weeks left with this cute BUMP until we get to Meet her and she will rock our world! I’m so grateful to have had these beautiful pictures taken with my boys before baby girl comes and changes everything! Or she will just become one of the boys in pink💗

A letter To My 4 Boys:

I love you boys soooo much I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gave me all 4 of you first! He knew that I needed you more than ever! You boys have shaped me, molded me given me so much to live for and love about life! You have taught me to enjoy life, to play, be tough and to live! Thank you for loving your perfectly imperfect mama and being so forgiving when I don’t do things exactly how moms should.

Thank you for taking care of me always , making sure I’m ok forgiving me so fast I hope that never changes! I know the time we have had JUST US cuddling watching movies, date nights, long talks will be memories I will cherish forever! Never forget Mom loves you ♥️ you were and are my First Loves and my heart will always be a Boys heart just with a little pink💗