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3 years ago I donated my eggs to my good friend Chelsea Judd @chelseajudd After years of trying to start their family and going through IVF and finding out her eggs were not great quality they were told that an egg donation, surrogacy or adoption would be the only way!( WATCH Meeting Odette 2nd egg donor baby for the first time) ♥️ LIKE & SUBSCRIBE

So long story short…. I volunteered to help her and her family. Our husbands agreed and BOOM she has 2 beautiful

Little girls 💗💗 Gigi and Odette!

(If you would love to hear the Story read “I have a little girl whose not mine” ) my blogpost!

Sooo since I’ve written this story on my blog a couple Years ago we have had so many people reach out and share it too!

Since Chelsea and her girls are very much apart of our families life and are in my videos, stories and posts I get lots of questions!! So I thought I’d do a Q & A on this to answer any questions at this moment!

~keep in mind these are all my honest opinions off of my own experience~

So heres the Tea…..

1. Was it hard?

Making the decision to help Chelsea have a family and to decide to donate was hard. Honestly, I didn’t think about the during, the after, the long term I just wanted to help my friend and I’m so glad I did! Andy my husband had a bigger Perspective in mind in helping me keep a good mindset as well.

During the process: during the shots and dr. Visits and everything it was easy emotionally. physically it was hard shots hurt and the actual trigger shot made me feel very very very pregnant!🤪

after the egg retrieval: after the process you feel contraction pains when your uterus is coming back down that hurt. Then I had to take a couple weeks break from dance and that was hard..lol

physically it was hard at one point. Emotionally it was hard at another. I do feel like it is something that will make me stronger through the years…so it will always have different moments of being hard as the girls get older but the vision of Chelsea of having her family is much greater♥️ and overpowers any hard moment I might have

2. Did you have to do the shots? Yes I did!

3. Is it hard seeing the girls that are part you with another family? To be honest at first with Gigi yes it was hard. I don’t think i thought about the emotional part of it so it hit me pretty weird. I also didn’t think about the babies looking like me 😅 until they were born. I couldn’t see my friends posts or pics for a while. it took me sometime to be  good with seeing Gigi with her family! Call me human but it was difficult for sometime! All kinds of weird unexpected emotions seeing this little human. Chelsea and I have had lots of talks and she totally gets it! Now it is not hard for me. I love her girls like family but not like they are mine but they are apart of me. i do feel a connection but i do feel like emotionally I’m a lot better!

4. I want to donate my eggs…what does it entail? Well I’m giving you the Tea here! Birth control, shots, blood work, lots of Dr visits and be emotionally strong! Do it for the right reasons!

5. How did they fertilize your eggs? Her hubby or science? Her hubby! yes her girls are Me & Her hubby! crazy yes, I know theres a lot of people i have spoken to say they could not do that or Their Hubbies would not let them do that! They have a family…keep the picture bigger than your emotions…is what I would say.

6. Do your kids call them sisters? Siblings?! They are like cousins!

7. Were you paid? No i was not. Chelsea and her husband did pay for all the dr visits and meds but no I was not paid.

8. What do the girls call you? Aunty Tia

9. Do you ever honestly feel like a piece of yours is missing or they are your kids? At first yes but not anymore. i don’t feel so connected to her girls like my boys. I feel connected to them as an aunty and I care about them but no not like I want them…or they are mine…..if that makes sense

10. Do you and Chelsea have a good friendship or is it weird?! YES we do! we are pretty close and talk a lot and we talk about this relationship for sure! it is not weird. This experience will keep us close!

11. Will you tell the girls? YES! Chelsea is very open about it with them already even though they are young but we want them to know and to have a relationship!

14. Do you have a close relationship with the girls? YES…I am close to them and know whats going on and still see them a lot as you know from my Instagram. They are a part of my life this is such a cool experience that I never want to feel like it didn’t happen or like it’s not important. It’s a part of who I am! They are apart of me.

15. How do you handle seeing the girls often? EASY! like I said when Gigi was first born it was hard but over time it has gotten easier and when you have a bigger picture in mind it makes it easy! its also fun to see how much they are like me and its super cool that we have that connection!

Soo there ya go! I hope this answers a lot of your “What the heck?” questions about our egg donation story! If you have more questions ASK BELOW

I am so happy for Chelseas family and love watching them together. Especially now with 2 little girls. I love that Chelsea gets to experience Motherhood and gets to have those little gifts from me with her forever!

if you are thinking about Egg donation for a family member or close friend I would just advise….

1. Know that it will be hard you will have hard days and questioning if you did the right thing but it is worth it! Motherhood is the greatest gift ♥️

2. Keep the Bigger picture in mind that you are giving someone a family and you will still get to be with that little one….just a little differently!

Thanks for reading,

Don’t forget you are amazing Say it “I AM AMAZING”