We decided to do Christmas a little different this (2017) year…instead of gifts we decided to surprise the boys with Disneyland on Christmas morning!!! Seriously…one of the best decisions we have made as parents in along time 🤪 for realz!

I sneakily packed up the boys pjs , stockings and little Christmas tree and we woke them up in the middle of the night and made the trip down! PS my kids are weird they love when we wake them up in the middle of the night to go places! Whose kids are these….?!?🤷🏽‍♀️

They were the cutest we got there the day before Christmas Eve so we told them we were staying as close as we could to Disney to get the most disney experience as we could….they believed us! They loved swimming in the hotel pool , visiting the LA temple and Santa Monica pier. They thought just that alone was Disneyland lol!!! Little did they know……

Christmas morning we woke up and they got their stockings and then Santa sent them on a scavenger hunt where they got their t-shirts and beanies (from Cam) and THE TICKETS!!! They read the last letter from Santa and FREAKED!!!! It took a second to register and then they FREAKED!!! They wanted to wear their pjs to Disney with their tees!!! It was the cutest!!

+++ FUNNY STORY: Tazz had a blow out in his clothes and we had no extra and the only thing warm and available at Disney was a little Minnie outfit;) he made the cutest Minnie!

Disney for 3 days with just us was magical….

1. It made Christmas soooo much longer than just 15-30 min of opening gifts and then a couple hours with toys and then done….ya know?! 3 days of all The memories that last forever!! I was a little worried because my boys did have list yes they did they even put them out again at the hotel so I was worried how they would react! They didn’t even ask……;)

2. Stuck together: with how crazy busy our lives are and with lots of other kids in both andy and I s careers it was beautiful to be just stuck together in Disneyland having fun….JUST US! #muchneeded especially after football seAson and concert season!

3. Lasts Forever: My kids are still talking about this trip (2 years later) and have already asked to do this again instead of gifts! It just makes my heart so happy that they would much rather be together doing something fun than an iPod or iPad or kindle—-which are things that were on their list!

So grateful we were able to have this experience together as a family together! Honestly, if you would have asked us 2 years ago if we would be able to do Disney land as a family. We would have laughed and said “yeah right” but with the power of positive thinking , positive affirmations, declaring what we want and saving up for it. We did it! I totally believe!

IF YOUR LIKE US…and don’t make lots of money and you think we will never be able to do that with our kids! I’m here to tell you YES YOU CAN!!! Here’s how:

*** 5 DISNEY TIPS to get you to DISNEYLAND***

1. Everyday write down what you want and say it! Manifest it!!!!

2. Be consistent….do it again and again!

3. Save up! It cost us for our whole family $2000 that’s $200 a month…and just think no gifts no extras for Christmas….this will be totally worth it!

4. We went through getaway for tickets and hotel

5. Just get there! You can pack snacks and food in:) bring empty water bottles you can fill up water at Disney!

Love this memory and my boys want Christmas like this again!!!

Best Christmas ever!!

It’s been 2 years since we took them…maybe this will be our year again!!

Thanks for reading