*I NEED to START BY SAYING “I am Not a business guru this is just what I do and believe” if your clueless to what I do checkout thevaultdance.com or just read on😘

Aloha! So today I wanted to do a Q&A about our business THE VAULT DANCE STUDIO! Because this is a big part of my life since I was 21 years old and i share it on my Youtube channel, Instagram, twitter , Facebook a lot because it is a BIG part of our family! #firstbaby

I get lots of Questions from future studio owners who want to do what i do! So Im doin it today! if you have any questions i didn’t answer be sure to leave them in the comments below and i can do that in another post:)

What came first? The Vault, Kalamity, Kaos?

I moved back to Utah in 2007 from my aspiring career as a back up dancer, traveling with USA and living my single life. This is the year i gave my life to the lord and basically went back to church and told him “I wanted to be married in the temple, have a family and do whatever he wanted me to do”(Not thinking dance would be involved)

So I needed somewhere to dance and there was no where in St.George for adults to take a dance class. So I started an adult hiphop class mostly so I could have somewhere to continue dancing AND continue my passion 🙂 (selfish reasons I know) I ended up meeting the cutest girls at a USA camp in Anaheim i was teaching at who happened to be from Dixie State. So they came to my class…for a while it was just us! And sometimes it was just me! Sometimes it was just me and Alexa! Either way it was fun and we still have adult hiphop today! its become a place where a lot of adults have been able to take class and gone on to professional careers!

That year We started working on a routine “ANTHEM” and we were working on our first performance for Down Town Friday night  and we needed a name! Soo we all brainstormed and for some reason the name Calamity kept coming to my head….so I passed it through some friends and they made fun of it saying “we dance like a calamity” so I tried to think of something else but for some reason that name just stuck! So I said forget it I spelled it with a “K” and went with it, got some shirts made (our boombox tees) and thats when we became KALAMITY!!! Little did we know what Kalamity would be known for and what it would mean….SO ACTUALLY…Adult Hiphop Came and then KALAMTIY!!

THE VAULT came in 2011 (4 years later) because by this time Kalamity was growing we were doing lots of concerts, dancing for lots of families and we were in and out of renting studio time, in and out of each others garages and we didn’t have a dance home but we were doing so much in the community! So we gathered together for a meeting and everyone wanted to open our own space except for Cambria and I…..haha a studio was the last thing I wanted…I just knew the work that goes into it and the time it takes and I didn’t want it to infer with my family. Well we were out voted and we opened THE VAULT!

KAOS came that same year 2011: we decided that how cool would it be for kids to learn the aspect of dancing for service as well and not waiting till KALAMITY (18 and up) to do so. So we started Kaos!

How did you start?

 Desire, Decision, Do it!!!! Honestly, If you have the passion to do something just start! I had a supportive sister and brother in law i was living with at the time that helped me with the courage to start kalamity. A Mom and Dad who told me I could. A Co-pilot Cam who went with my crazy ideas and added to them and  a husband who believes in me and kept me and keeps me going because he knows I love it!

Just start where your at! if you want to teach dance do it , do it in your house! Ask other studios to rent space! It doesn’t need to be fancy! They will love you, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT! Put it out there on Social media, make fliers, flier cars, hang fliers at business’ get out and put your self out there. No one will come if no one knows! Even if you have one, you have to start somewhere. ASK! ASK! ASK!

You might have to teach a lot of the classes at first…you might have to spend endless hours working your business or whatever it is…but eventually it will get there if you believe and have faith!

Did you take out a loan?

I am very blessed I didn’t have to take out a loan. i mean none of my stuff started pretty but I never cared about that. just a space to dance. the rest will come.

When we opened The Vault we needed $1,000 to put down…and as were looking for options of loans because at this time in our little families life we were -$500 in the bank. Actually at this time we couldn’t even be apart of a bank…oh man the days…my dad offered to give me the $1,000 for the deposit for the studio to start it. He was our first Kalamity sponsor! We figured as a team we needed 35 students to keep the doors open and together we taught classes to hold a Dance studio home for all of us to help more families through dance.

: STUDIO MIRACLES: SOUND SYSTEM: when I was getting ready to open I had an old friend of mine reach out and say she was getting rid of her sound system from her old studio, she gave it to me ❤️

:MIRRORS: Our first spot we moved into just so happened to have the wall of wood up and when we went to take it down guess what the wall was full of……MIRRORS!! Can you say miracle?????

Who helps you? Do you have a partner?

Well I don’t have a “Business partner” besides Andy and the Lord of course!

What I do have is something better…I have a Cambria!!!!! She is my partner in all the ideas, creative, studio, mental , dance, partner everything studio, kalamity, kaos related! She helps me keep the confidence in everything we do! I know if we are doing it together we are good! She has so many strengths that i don’t have that I respect and am so grateful for! She is my right hand and most of all trustworthy and loyal! We all need a CambriaA! We do everything on this “Dance for a Cause’ mission together! so I guess we are like missionary companions on this mission! We both believe in it and want to continue to see the work help people all over and dancers all over! neither of us are in it for the $ and in this type of studio, you can’t be its for the pure love of helping others and wanting to dance!!!!

I also have an amazing team of KALAMITY instructors who help teach classes and take a big part in spreading our message and what we are all about! These instructors are amazing , love the cause, love the dance mission and help out so much! We couldn’t do it w/out them! They are what make it run and continue.

These people are the reason The Vault is going in ST.George and still “DANCING FOR A CAUSE”

Where did you get the idea?

Honestly, I can’t take credit, its the Lord. Like i said in the beginning I wanted 3 things and he led us to where The Vault is and does as well as Kalamity and Kaos.

Is it a lot of work? 

YES! like anything is though that you care about and want to see thrive. It doesn’t just happen! It takes a lot of hard work, failure, hard times and getting back up and trying again!

What does KALAMITY AND KAOS mean?

In the beginning I had no clue why Kalamity! The name Kalamity just kept coming to my head well 2 years later we were  getting ready for our first concert which wasn’t a ” benefit concert” and one of our former dancers was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. So as a team we decided to make the concert for her and donate all the proceeds to help her in her time of need. Our first benefit concert was at Dixie High ,mostly our family in the front rows and thats it we raised $1,300.

After that show we knew then what Kalamity stood for…..”Dancing for families going through real life Calamities” after that we started dancing for more families in need and choosing a specific family to dance for every year!

So KAOS is Kalamitys younger sister team…THE NEXT GENERATION!  “Dancing for families going through real life Chaos”

What exactly do we do?

We “Dance for a Cause” We choose a family every year and as a studio, Kalamity & Kaos we dance, dedicate and donate everything to help families in need!

We also help other families who call and ask for help!

Where did “Dance for a Cause” come from?

The Lord. not sure the exact date or how!

If i want to do what your doing , whats one piece of advice?

2 things: It can’t be about the money. Especially doing what Im doing with my studio. We don’t keep any of our show money which hurts us during the summer times and causes lots of stress but somehow we always get by.

2: give to live…Dont be a stingy first time business owner. if your starting out give classes or whatever it is for free! offer free classes a free month something to get people through your doors! Get them in and you make them fall in love with what your doing!

Will you expand in Utah County?





When we went to check out the space the first time this was on the door of the bathroom…so we thought it was a sign😂!

“We are gangstas” 🤘🏽

…..DONT FORGET THIS JUST DIDNT HAPPEN if you want to read what happened before this click Tomorrow is ours!Click here


👋🏽FALL 2019 CLASSES START : AUGUST 5TH come join us and Dance For a Cause!!!

and for now JOIN US for Summer Camps in our new space 2 more left☀️ and in St.George (info below)

call the number above to register!!!

•••YES TO KALAMITY UP NORTH: TEXT OR Dm for info We have already begun!!

•••YES TO HOTMESS FITNESS STARTING UP TOO! “Where my Mamas at?!” Whose interested????

We are soooo STOKED to start this journey all over again in a new place!!

It’s always been my dream to expand

“DANCE FOR A CAUSE” and to help more families all over!! Keep the Faith…my Mom alwAys tells me “build it and they will come” sooo here we gooooo!!!

The lord is so good…all good things come from him!!

Thanks for reading …

Never forget how amazing you are