Izzack Legend Stokes : His name: Andy loved the movie I AM LEGEND  so  thats where we got Legend and Izzack I was reading my scriptures one morning before I had Legend. Specifically I was reading the story of Issac and Abraham in the Bible (Genesis 22)where Abraham was asked by the Lord to Sacrifice his son Issack…and the willingness , trust and love Issac had for his father when Abraham told him the plan really had a strong impression on me of the character of our Legend.

Legends Birth Story:

I remember the day Legend was born June 14th 2010. I was 39 weeks pregnant and I just got stripped that day I was dilated to a 4 but no contractions sooooo I walked! Well We walked Cambria and i. It was 105 degrees outside and blazing hotttttttttt! The neighborhood I lived in was no small monkey , hills and hills and no shade haha! If you have ever been to Bloomington hills YOU KNOW! After about 2 hours of walking in the heat, not really sure if I was having contractions or not…they were bad but not that bad …so much confusion and Cambria telling me to go into the hospital, I went!

And I was in labor… well enough to keep me there, YAY!!! We called Andy in from the Cabinet Shop he was working at, I got my epidural an hour later and we were on our way  to have our Legend! 6 hours later Legend was born!!! I remember when it was time to push I pushed a half a push and they said “STOP THATS ENOUGH HES OUT” HAHAH
Talk about an easy labor…:) Wow that was fast! Our little 6lb 10ounces / 20 inches Legend was born! He was the smallest of the Stokes Boys! “He might have been the smallest but he definitely does not let that stop him from doing anything”

4 Facts about Legend:

LEGEND IS GRATEFUL: Legend is the most grateful kid you will ever meet. he is a special spirit and is grateful for anything and everything he gets! For example: For his birthday this year we didnt have a lot to spend and i just got home from South Carolina from a Michelin event a day before his birthday.Michelin Tires sent us home with a bunch of random gifts hydroflask cups, a mini display michelin helmet, a key chain tire pressure etc. So Major and I wrapped them and set up a scavenger hunt for him and let me tell you his little face LIT UP OVER EACH GIFT HE GOT!  He did ask who the michelin character was lol but he was so excited and overly happy over each thing he got! (YOU CAN WATCH MY STORIES ON INSTAGRAM TO SEE @thetiabeestokes) Honestly, the coolest kid around I hope he continues to be grateful for every little thing life gives him!

LEGEND IS ALWAYS HAPPY: No joke this kid is always happy and happy with everything in life! LEGBesides when he’s picking on Maze lol (that 2nd 3rd brother rival) Legend genuinely loves everyone and everything! He’s happy doing anything! Life is just fun for Legend! He loves learning new things and exploring and always joking and making us all  laugh! He says the cutest things, plays with everyone and loves to be the life of the party! You can’t help but be happy when your around Legend.

LEGEND IS A FIREBALL: This boy never gets tired like ever! He will out do anyone on energy , even me! He is the master of play! He loves to play anything! he Loves to play football, baseball (new found love), basketball and dance!! He enjoys learning everything and inventing little projects he’s a thinker! Usually I have to give him something to do all day or else he will channel that energy into Maze lol

LEGEND IS SUUUUCH A GOOD BROTHER: This kid loves his brothers. Even if he fights with them 😉 what kid doesn’t! He loves his Tazz…you can always find Tazz on Legends hip! Legend and TAzzs relationship is the cutest. Tazz just loves Legend! Their connection is soo cute! Legend is always taking care of his brothers and willing to always jump to help anyone!


Happy Birthday little buddy!

Thanks for reading,

Don’t forget your amazing say it “I AM AMAZING”