Every year our dance teams KALAMITY & Kaos take a team trip to Disneyland to perform and celebrate a fun year of service together! Well we of course being a service dance team have to make Disney “something Service” ❤️ I love adding this to our team trip to spread SELF LOVE- GRATITUDE AND SERVICE all around and what we stand for at THE VAULT and I think the kids REALLY ENJOY IT too creating “MAGICAL MOMENTS” all over Disney!


Add it to your next family/ team trip!!

💗🎉Disney Service scavenger Hunt🎉💗


To get outside of your box, meet new people, think about others, spread happiness and love while serving in a fun way while at the happiest place on earth!! ❤️ Service brings true happiness and brings more experience!

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• Split up into teams

•You must do as a group!

•Before you start record on your story what you guys will be doing “DISNEY SERVICE SCAVENGER HUNT” 💗

•someone in the group or everyone or however have to put on your story on ig and Tag @ that’s how we will be keeping track!!!!!

1. Tie 3 strangers shoes

2. Give a piece of gum

3. Hug 10 strangers

4. Give up your seat to a stranger

5. Pick up 30 pieces of trash

6. Offer water to 5 strangers

7. Compliment 20 strangers

8. Offer to Take photos for 10 different groups or stranger

9. Sing happy birthday to 3 Birthday goers as a group for their birthday!

10. Do the “whip” with 3 strangers in line

11. Do the “juju on that beat” with a group of strangers

12 Ask 20 people “What they are grateful for”?

13. Give up your spot in line 2x to 2 strangers

14. Flash Mob a fun dance in front of the castle

15. Ask 10 strangers what they love about them selves ?

16. Get 10 strangers to say “I AM AWESOME”

17. Tell 3 strangers about Toni and teach them “Toni you are the reason why” chant

18. Offer to clean off 5 strangers tables

19. Give up your bathroom stall in the bathroom!! 10x

20. Dance with 5 different Disney workers and tell them “they are doing a great job”

You can always switch it up and add your own things to it just make it fun!!

Happy Disney day loves!

Say your amazing!!

Say it….I AM AMAZING!!