“Why am I waiting so long to find out the gender of this baby?!”



Ok y’all up until this pregnancy I’ve always dreamt of having…are you ready for this…8 BOYS😱😅 for reals!!

I grew up with all boy cousins and I loved it! Every summer I spent with my boy cousins and just being one of the boys and it was a blast! My uncle had 7 so I always wanted to have one more!!

I loved the crazy…the loud…the random chaotic play, wear whatever, eat whatever, and I always wanted that in my home…..😜

Well the lord listened and has given me 4 so far 🤣 man I must have been good!

I LOVE MY 4 👦🏻👱🏼‍♂️👦🏻👶🏻 they are truly the best and have blessed my life with exactly all those things I wanted in my house 🤪🤣 plus more!! 😂

And up until this pregnancy

“I’ve changed” lol SHE CHANGED!!

And maybe it is because I’ve seen

Little halves of me through

Our eggdonation process growing up and running around💝💝 (can you blame me, those two girls are so cute☺️)

Watch (egg donor meeting baby O)

…and yes maybe

I would love one 💝 of my own.

I would love a little change 💓💝🌺👙

I would love a little mini💃🏽

A little girl to match with👗👗

A little flower wearer , some 💝 , a little dancer 💃🏽 a little softee like her mama! And honestly Andy neeeeds a lil 💓 in his life. Right?!

Sooo Heavenly Father if it’s not too late…💙💙💙💙💗….it works like that right?! Lol

So me holding out a little longer is just holding on to that little bit of hope 💓☺️

YES YES YES AT the end of the day we will be just happy with a healthy little human being and we couldNT be more excited to find out tonight who will be brave enough to be added to our bunch!

Either way it will be an amazing shock!! 🤣

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We are so grateful!!! ♥️♥️♥️