1. First things first all us Mamas could use some extra support! My favorite Blanqi SUPPORT wear!

When I say the best support Wear I mean It! For EVERY STAGE of Motherhood. I’m on baby #5 and it’s still going strong!! I have the postpartum leggings, tank and the Maternity support tank and leggings! It’s that good!! They have the BESTTTTTTT SUPPORT WEAR for during baby and after baby To support alll those struggling muscles and aches and pains! Honestly amazing and worth every penny!! I’ve linked every stage for ya😘

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Blanqi everyday maternity belly support tank top

Blanqi everyday pull down postpartum + nursing support tank top

Everyday hipster support leggins


Blanqi High waist postpartum + nursing support Leggins

2. The cutest Mom Tees from Friday apparel Claim the name loud and proud MOM❤️ with the cutest tees!you have to see! I just showed you a couple of my favs!!! She also has the cutest DISNEY TEES too❤️

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3. This book is a MUST this is a different gift Mamas for babies and babies to Mamas♥️ because us mamas need this message too! It’s is my alllll time favorite and is sooo special to me and my boys!!

Your are Special

4. Madebymary mama jewelry is my FAVORITE and great quality with so much love! Every woman loves madeby Mary! Especially this momma necklace is so sweet and sentimental! Momma necklace

5. Alright I’ve got the perfect swimsuit for the active mama!!! ♥️ Janela Bay swimsuits Don’t miss out on the summer fun mamas because you don’t have a child friendly swimsuit! These swimsuits are the best! So stylish, comfy and never worried about everything falling out 🤪

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6. Alright if you don’t know yet now ya know! BESSSST PHONE CASE EVER!!!

I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved by not having to buy a new phone or screen all the time because of this bad boy! It is a MOMLIFE NEED🎉

Loop case best phone case and you get a discount Code🎉 “TIA10”

🎉🤩LAST BUT NOT LEAST the ultimate gift of your budget is $5 or less this is my favorite and not my idea but thought I’d share♥️ because it’s the best and too cute!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mamas out there and soo to be Mamas!

Honestly in my eyes every woman is a Mama and deserve to be celebrated kids or no kids!!! You are amazing and deserve to be spoiled because of your loving, kind, genuine spirit woman possess! Quick to love and care for those around them♥️ and uplift those who are in need! you are amazing!

And to all my Mamas who have lost a baby or who are yearning for that experience let me tell you there is hope, there is love, there is faith and miracles are happening everyday! God knows you and loves you!

💖 After I donated my eggs to my friend if you have not read this story do it I have a little girl whose not mine 💖 I miscarried my own baby…I was only a few weeks but still the sadness of Will I ever be able to carry my own babies again… I thought I had lost everything. Mostly because I thought I had done this to myself 😭

I want you to know your not alone and there are people thinking about you and praying for you right now! You are loved! There is hope!

A year later we were able to get pregnant again with a Tazz! So blessed Chelsea was able to have a family and ours could continue!

And to the most important mama around my mama! She’s the fireball that keeps our family together! She’s a go getter and NO is never an option! I really don’t think there’s anything she can’t do 😂

She’s the true example of true love she shows to my Dad! Her example of love is amazing! She loves all 7 of her kids unconditionally! Never waivers from what she believes! I love this mama of mine and hope I can just be half the mama she is♥️

love you Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day week hope you celebrate the mamas in your life!

Love you alll!!

Your amazing SAY IT