“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

Black comfy jumper

Some of you are not gonna like this post..that’s ok you don’t have to read

It…scroll on…

but I feel like everyone who is successful and “doin it” we only get to hear about the struggle 💩 while their sittin pretty in their empire…ya know what I mean?!?!

And it just leaves the rest of us to just imagine what they went through by looking at old pics of them maybe a 10lbs heavier or lookin a little shabbier…🧐 you know what I’m talking about.

Last night and few nights now I’ve held dance class in my new area…advertised the whole Shabang and NADA..NADA SOUL SHOWED UP! Sooooooooo

I guess what I’m goin through is the ⛈ the 💩 Now of the soon to be 🌈…I’m starting over in my passion of “DANCE” in Utah county…at ground zero…nada and wondering “How in the haiiil” am I suppose to achieve what took me 12 years to do in less time?!🙈 aka THE VAULT DANCE STUDIO.

I mean I’m not the young 21 yr old I was when I started…

Honestly, my thoughts are

Do I even try?!

Is this Satan telling me I suck?!

Yesss it is Satan feeling my Head with negativity!

“NOT TODAY SATAN…not ever”

Sooo I’m leaving this here because I know there is someone out there that might be going through a similar change, starting a new business or trying to get in shape or something that you may feel like me…..defeated


I’m Leaving this here because i want you to SEE my struggle. See my down before the rise…I WILL RISE and know that I know it’s not going to stay like this! I choose to succeed and to keep trying! I want to look back when my classes are full and I’m Teaching in my Vault #2 and doing what I love to , remember where I started and to Remember that it’s not alwAys rainbows. It took guts, passion, persistence, storms to make it happen when I’m “doin it” And YOU CAN TOO!

Don’t forget it! So wipe the tears, dust it off and Let’s go, tomorrow is ours!