Alright y’all if your mama and you own a business it might look all glamorous on the outside for everyone watching but really its a whole lot of grind, blood sweat and tears that goes on behind the scenes of a whole lotta i right??

Photos by: Meghan

Soo hold up!! if your new here Im Tia and Im a mama of 4 boys soon to be 1 more boy or girl (not sure the gender yet) a wife to an amazing Andy stokes! We own a dance studio called The vAult dance studio since 2007 that “dances for a cause” since 2007 we have danced for over 45 families in need and donated over $500,000 to families going through real life kalamitys. we are a very active and crazy busy family that makes it all work together!

ok so heres the miracle:

So we have been in our current studio the last 3 years and the last month we discovered our Cam fees at our studio had gone up $500 theres no way we could keep up with that! Especially with the new move for our family and This studio  was already pricey and for it to go up made it very difficult to stay there.

So we started looking for a new spot and guess what We found the perfect spot!

lower rent. good location. beautiful. 2 entrances. already had a dance floor. it was a little small and awkward but with the landlords help it was going to work! i took kalamity and kaos (my dance teams) to check it out and we all decided it was small and squishy but we could make it work!

So I spoke to my current landlord and discussed my concerns and made arrangements to be out by May 1st. 2 weeks  later i signed the lease on the new studio space and the next day the realtor called and said that the landlord took another offer that had just come up 🙁 it was devastating news because this spot seemed to be perfect for us and something we were hopeful for and could afford… i cried…called Andy and he told me “Babe its not meant to be, something will come up”

The next day my realtor called and said that they were going to ” think about it and talk about it” so it wasn’t a complete no and could be a yes after all…YES…AH STAYING HOPEFUL AND SAYING OUR PRAYERS!

5 days later…. yesterday APRIL 1ST. (APRIL FOOLS) morning i got the news that it was a “no and they were going with the other offer” NOT FUNNY 🙁 even though i had already signed on the lease and they hadn’t they said that the other offer was better for them. feeling pretty defeated and already starting to move out of our current studio space, needing to be out by may 1st , a concert coming up and needing an affordable price I called Andy and he gave me the number to another realtor…so i called!

Not thinking Shellee this new realtor would have anything for at least a couple of weeks i got on it…LOW AND BEHOLD she had something just 2 minutes away from my current location (so close) so i ran to see it and it was PERFECT AND WAY BETTER THAN THE LAST PLACE!!! (I’m crying) THE LORD IS SO GOOD! i literally fell to the ground when i walked in..its a BIG space so we won’t be squished, tall industrial ceilings so if we wanted to continue silks we can, it has 2 entrances for my dancers , it has tint on the windows to block out the sun, a costume storage area, a bathroom and GUESS WHAT? the same exact price as the other one that turned me down😭♥️ was AFFORDABLE!!!!! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS RIGHT NOW???? (ISN’T HEAVENLY FATHER A FUNNY JOKESTER ON APRIL FOOLS HE GOT ME:)

SO WE JUMPED…I met with Don the landlord and another miracle she’s good friends with my sister Tonya!!!! Thank you Tonya for having a good rep to give me some points!!! Don was so sweet and easy to work with we ended up signing the lease that afternoon😱

AND GET THIS…..I JUST HAPPENED TO GET PAID FOR one of the biggest blogger campaigns i have ever done on the Friday before for  the exact amount I had to put down that day for my deposit!!!! YOU GUYS….these are not coincidences….these are all miracles!!!!

I woke up to no studio to go to, to signing on my new studio by that afternoon! WOW!


Lesson to take away  is that “my work here in St.George with Dancing for a Cause is not over yet” the funny thing is just a year ago we were announcing that we were keeping The Vault open and i would run it from 300 miles away and today we are still kicking and on to a better situation!!! This was such a good reminder to  “Be not afraid” The lord always has a plan! PLUS : the best April fools joke of all time!!!! lol

So grateful for this EXPERIENCE to grow and WE HAVE A NEW STUDIO HOME!!!!!

Visit our new space May 1st 1055 W. Red cliffs Dr. Washington Utah


Never forget how amazing you are…Say it “I am Amazing”



***Love to see ya over Here😘

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