If I could tell my 14 yr old self something….it would be this….so I’ll share for someone who might need it!

Dear Sistahs,

Swimsuit season is upon us and is coming wether we like it or not.  I want to tell you a little something!

(My bottoms linked tap the pic)

As a young girl I was AAAAALLLLLWAYS self conscious of my thighs….oh geez i wish i could slap my 14, 15, 16 year old self today! I was so insecure that i would try to hide them, always wore shorts or i just wouldn’t swim…at such a young age that went on for a few years. I missed out on so much just because of “thighs” news flash Tia “everyone has them”…..🤪

So for all my young sistahs and mama sistahs reading  this.

As your trying to get that beach bod going i want to let you in on a little secret…the most attractive thing in a swimsuit is a female that is FUN, SMILING AND ENJOYING LIFE TO THE FULLEST…THATS WHAT MAKES THE SWIMSUIT!

Can I get an Amen???

People remember “How you made them feel not what you looked like”

(Linked my swim top tap the pic)

IVE GOT SOME MORE NEWS FOR YOU….NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOUR DIMPLES, ROLLS, CURVES, NO CURVES, MUSCLES, CREASES ETC. because lets be honest everyone is also worried as well! Since we are all loving, caring woman who want to help others this is what we can do!!!!!

The most attractive thing we can do is allow others to feel beautiful in a swimsuit by You, yourself showing you love your body by putting on that swimsuit, canon balling in that pool, diving into that lake, splashing in that splash pad,  having fun in that summer weather with your family, friends and most importantly your kids! In a swimsuit MAKING MEMORIES….

Sister, not sure about you but i want my boys to remember their mom playing outside with them, enjoying life and living. Not caring soo much about what i look like that I’m hiding, not swimming, playing or living! I don’t want them to remember me as the mom That I cared so much about what my body didn’t look like that I missed out on making those memories.

Lets show our youth that life is more about living it to the fullest in THE BODIES OUR HEAVENLY FATHER has blessed us with. That we aren’t letting our insecurities of our “thick thighs”, “soft tummies” or “relief society arms” control the value we add to others lives or even our own!

Stop waiting for that -20lbs, 6 pack, toned beach body none of those things are necessary to be a FUN FRIEND, MOM, SISTER, WIFE, AUNTY and most importantly to make memories that will last forever! Promise me you will help your sister by helping her love her body by you loving and owning yours ❤️

Lets be the example of SELFLOVE to our youth by living our lives in that swimsuit this summer enjoying the body we’ve been given! After all we all fought to have one:)

They are watching. Learning and emulating!

PS….when I traded my attitude for GRATITUDE I LOVE MY THIGHS now! Grateful I have strong legs that allow me to do all the things I love!



Photos by: Lauren Wrigley


Now that we are all getting in a suit this summer….here’s some to get you excited!!

(tap the pics)