“Time the best gift of all”

“Never be too busy making a living you forget to make a life”

Allohhhaaaa🌺 this year we got invited by Cambria my bff / niece/ sister to go with their family on their family vacation to Laguna Beach! Thanks Cam for the invite. We lived!

Not sure about you guys, but we are always hesitant to go on vacations because of money…but I have to say pilling the plug and spending that last little bit on family time is so worth it and memories my kids will talk about forever! There’s something about just getting away even if it’s for a couple of days that really remind us what life is about and gives you the TIME to just be without a to do list! My FAVORITE THING ABOUT VACATIONS IS I LOVEEEEEE WATCHING ANDY not stress about football or work and just let loose! (Doesn’t happen very often😜)

So here’s just some highlights from every day!

Day 1

• we left at 10pm Thursday night Andy’s a rock start and drove alll night from Orem- Laguna Beach! He’s amazing! I did drive for 30 min 😜

• we check in at Pacific edge Hotel right on the beach so pretty!

• When we got there we let him sleep and the boys and I went straight to the beach!

• we found seashells, watched dolphins and just relaxed!

• Tazz chases the seagulls I could watch all day!

• the Horlachers joined us around 2pm we beaches again and then hopped over to the heated pool! So fun!

• we walked down to dinner and ate at the most amazing little taco shop Taco loco I fully ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ recommend it!

Day 2

Andy and I went on a little workout / run on the beach together! It was so refreshing and fun to be silly together and take splash pics!

• my sister tonya got ya the cutest California tees that we wore! Thanks sis!

• we walked to Banzai bowels for breakfast with cam and Jeff! I recommend getting a small cuz they are huge!!!

• the rest of the day our family and the Horlacher crew beached alllll day!! It was sooo good! Guess what Andy actually got in the ocean and he liked it (proof coming to the vlogSubscribe here soon) we all did! It was cold but worth it!

• they played with their cousins looking for crabs and building sand castles

• Andy Played spike ball with the guys , ah I just love watching him have fun!

• that night we walked down the street and ate at The Pizza Bar it was delicious! Definitely get the “Hawaiian” and we watched the amazing sunset!

• after we got gillato it was so good! And worth the line! The place was like Disney land (vlog coming soon)Come say hi & subscribe

• we all slept like babies

Day 3

• we slept hard 😂

• family pictures on the beach from our professional Cambria Hauck!

• we are left overs for breakfast by the pool “that’s how we do”

• Audios Laguna 🙁 no one wanted to leave’!!

• last thing we headed to see the poppies in bloom…let’s just say 3-4 hours sitting in traffic just for the poppies had us re thinking our decision lol (last pic as close as I got 😕and my face because of the traffic and disappointment lol)

Have you ever been? Should we try again? If so, any tips!???? Lol

• Audios California! We made it back to orem 2am Monday morning😅 Andy again the rockstar driver!! Grateful for him!!

We had a blast 200% and so grateful we got to go!

And sooo glad we have so many memories to talk about years to come with our boys!!

Thanks again to Cambria for planning and the Horlachers for inviting us! Cams channel check it out

Thanks for reading dont forget to subscribe below and don’t forget how amazing you are!!




Extra pics from my sis tonya: