Well you guys I get asked a lot

“How I stay so positive?”

Just remember I AM HUMAN AND I DO HAVE MY MOMEnts! Infact I think I am naturally a grumpy person. I watch videos of me as a child and I was always saying “I’m mad” 😂 Idk maybe that’s just the Diva in me!

I owe a lot of the help I’ve received to my Heavenly Father , my husband and my dad!

These 3 have been huge influences in my life for positivity!

Here are 5 things that help me:

1. Pray: 🙏🏽 I pray and have a moment of silence right when I get up! START MY DAY OFF SAYING “Thank you for the rest I had , keeping us safe and waking us up for another day”

2. My GAME CHANGER “the grateful journal:”

Every morning i write down

3 things I am grateful for

3 I AMS I aspire more to be : ex: happy, friendly , motivated etc.

3 things I want to attract in my life: ex : a better job, better friends, the laundry done 😉

3 goals : this can be daily , weekly or long term! :Ex: be a better cook, open a studio in Orem 😊, workout 4 days a week!!

This only takes me 5- 10 min. Every day to make your day better in the RIGHT MINDSET!! Ya know what I mean?! I shared more of this REAL LIFE STORY OF WHEN I STARTED THIS AND WHY here. “My story “

3. Music🎶

I put music on in the morning while we get ready for the day!! It’s amazing what music can do for everyone in the house!!!

We ♥️ the greatest showman sound track or The Trolls sound track

Just fun fun fun music to feel those happy vibes!

4. SAY IT! Loud!!

On the way to school or before the boys leave I make the boys say

“I AM” statements and sometimes they are funny but totally true!

“I am Happy”

“I am handsome”

“I am smart”

“I am the coolest kid around”

“I am nice”

It can be anything positive and fun for the whole family or just for you!! You. An also make sticky notes and put them around your house for a GREAT REMINDER😊

5. “Me time”

We alllllllll need this especially mamas and dadas 😉 but take an hour everyday for me Andy gives me 2 (I know I’m spoiled) to just work on YOU! Goals, a nap🤪, excercise, a walk, meet up with a friend, enjoy a show, work, whatever you love to do to bring you back to what makes you happy, feel rejuvenated and come back happier! Do it!

“You can’t pour from an empty cup” 😊

Alright friends you asked and I hope this helps💋

Don’t every forget how amazing you are