Oh January you were so good but it’s good to see February❤️

Here’s a little stokes January update!

– i Turned 33 and the boys spoiled me and I had my daily Oprah moments the whole month of January doing daily giveaways #tiasbirthdaywishspreadlove. Involving acts of self love and and spreading kindness. Honestly, sooo much fun and a great way to start 2019 giving back to a community that supports me! Here’s some of the fun posts from my peeps

+ I found a new place to teach Adult Hiphop on Wednesday nights!! Remember I go kicked out of the last place! Drama🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m now at Center stage in Orem and I love it!

+ Andy and I celebrated 11 years of marriage!! We did sealings that morning in the Provo city temple (soooo beautiful), did projects and saw “The upside” it was soo good! Must see!

Here’s some marriage advice from some of my friends on Instagram:

“Marriage isn’t hard, life is hard. Don’t confuse a difficult time in life for a difficult marriage- navigate together and always stay on he same team” @mckellwilson

“Always put god as the center of your marriage. Also to always date eachother” @jaci17

+ Everyone has been sick this month 🤮 anyone else’s family?!

+ Major got asked to be a girls valentine….he replied “Football is my valentine” 🙈 should I be proud?!

+ tried my share of lippy brands! Discovered this is my All time favorite lip if your looking for a long lasting stay that doesn’t smear when you sweat or drink or kiss…and it keeps your lips moist!! Doesn’t dry your lips out!

+We went to st.george for baby Rex’s baby blessing and spend time with family! It was soo nice to be with family!

My boys have taken on the challenge from their cousin to bare their testimony’s every month! Maze and legend both did, had t heir mama in tears 😭

Photos by: my sister TONYA!! She captures everything!

Nothing better than ending the month with family!!!

Loved January and grateful for all it blessed us with!!

Thanks for being here and reading!!

Never forget how amazing you are!