Heyyyyyyy I’m Tia🐝 and

Welcome to my blog…So I’ve gotten asked this question quiet a bit in the last year! Reminder I’m no pro blogger I just love to share my life experiences, things I love and my family! I’ve been doing this now about almost 4 years and it’s been a fun hobby and sometimes has been able to help my family out❤️ so grateful for this platform to share!

Back to the question:

“How do I handle “rude comments” on Social media specifically Instagram?!

Hold up lots of questions about my embroidered jeans yesterday…so here ya go!!

*STYLE WITH PURPOSE PAUSE* I’ve been asked a lot about my embroidered jeans…so I wanted to share some of my favorites I found all under $40🎉🙌🏻 I love style that doesn’t make me broke!!

Ok so back to the question:

“How do I handle rude comments on Instagram?”

Ok all of you know that I was hacked last year and my account was stolen🤷🏽‍♀️ I guess thAts a form of bullying , right?! Lol

Ok seriously tho.

In all my 4 years in Instagram I’ve actually only have received 3 rude comments or messages…I’d say I’m doing pretty good…lol🤷🏽‍♀️😂

Honestly it stung at first when I read the comments but REALLY LETS BE REAL…

– I ASKED TO BE HERE: meaning you gotta know that when you make the choice to start putting yourself out there whether it’s on social media or on stage or in a business…you got to have THICK SKIN…my good friend Latisha Springer taught me that! Trust me I get it the first time it hurts but if you believe in what your doing. You believe in your message or your business and LOVE it enough you have to remember that’s what matters! Remember we chose to be here❤️ “We can’t control how people ACT but we can choose how we REACT”

Don’t give people Power Over you: Everyone Is going to have an opinion about everything…and that’s ok it’s a free country! But Never let someone have power over you weather you keep going or not. Especially someone who doesn’t really know you.

I started a dance studio that does something completely different than any other dance studio. We “dance for a cause” so we don’t compete we just dance for families in need. We got lots of crap at the beginning from people who didn’t understand yes it hurt but I love it and believe in it and knew there was so much good that came from it! So 9 years later we are still around!

I love this quote that keeps me going

Last thing

GOOD vs. BAD: take a look around there are good people every where and I’m sure more people saying good things to you rather than bad. You probably get 1 bad comment to 5 good or probably not even that!! Sooo just remember that if you are effecting people in a positive way even if it’s ONE then keep going you have a purpose and your doing AMAZING!!! ✨

I hope this helps…these are just a few of the things that help me push through and achieve my goals in this crazy world when it seems like negativity is pushing against me!


Never forget how amazing you are