That’s right “eggs” babies” more than one.


Heyyy I’m Tia🐝 and if your new to my blog then this story is going to probably blow your mind…let me catch you up to speed. Long story short…I’m a mom of 4 boys and my friend Chelsea was desperately wanting to be a mama and was struggling with the Ivf process. So I donated my eggs to her she now has a little girl named Giselle and another little girl on the way….yes I have all boys. If you want to read the full story or article written more in depth of this story http://hotmess-fitness.com/2018/05/14/i-have-a-little-girl-whose-not-mine🧡/.

But I wanted to document this specific story because up until this point in my life I had a totally different perspective of this Egg donation process and had separated myself, distance myself and told myself these are not my babies…..

Sorry if this is jumbly this story makes me cry just thinking about this experience again.

About 2 months ago before Chelsea (my friend I donated my eggs to) was to find out what the gender of her 2nd baby I was driving my boys to school….yess I was awake and fully alert. I had the strongest overwhelming feeling out of no where a revelation you can say….I saw it…I was in heaven with my little girl…my little girl…she was holding my cheeks telling me “mama, it’s going to be ok” “we will see each other again and we will be together again it just will be different”

The little girl comforted me and we made the agreement that we would help this family. We held each other and said our final goodbyes…knowing we would see eachother and be together again one day…just differently. 💕

I believe in spiritual revelation and that I had to have this experience to understand this. As you can feel I was a sobbing mess driving my boys to school I had to pullover and I couldn’t help but feel her love for me and I knew right then that these little girls were apart of me, they were mine just in a different way and we would be together again one day💗

A few weeks later Chelsea found out she was having another little girl💕

(CHELSEA with little Gi and her baby bump little girl #2)

The crazy thing is I’ve always wanted a big family. I just never felt like I would have them all…not sure what that meant…but I do now❤️

These little girls have a special place in my heart 💗 and I love them and their sweet mama so much!

This experience has taught me things I would have never learned any other way. Yes it’s crazy. Yes it has its moments but at the end of the day the purpose is bigger than my feelings and is so worth it watching my sweet friend experience the greatest job of all a Mother💕 and I know she is and will take amazing care of our 2 girls. 💗💗

And for any of my friends out there struggling with infertility I LOVE YOU ♥️ I hope our story brings hope and faith and I know there is a plan for you and your sweet family too, it just might be different 💕

Never forget how amazing you are