Today got me thinking and pretty emotional!……Breakfast made by my hubby, a beautiful story from my sister tonya that made me bawl! Beautiful and loads of text messages , dms, posts! dancing with my boys, lunch with Andy, yogurt, and ended the day with a movie date! Beautiful day❤️

but I wanted to write these things down so I don’t Forget what year 32 gifted me with!

1. FAITH OVER FEAR: march 2018 My whole family picked up and moved 300 miles away from our home of the last 11 years to a whole new city, community, schools for Andy’s new job! It was hard and very tough for us but WE adapted. We adjusted our sails HANDLED IT LIKE A BOSS🙏🏽

++Sweater from Theredclosetshop

2. PROPS TO SINGLE MOMS: I lived separated from my hubby for a few months while he lived in our new area and I stayed back with alll the boys to finish school and my studio semester…It was tough not having that extra set of hands. All I could think about was “Wow, single moms are amazing!! Also so grateful for all the family and friends who came together to help this struggling mama.💜

3. I CAN TRUST: I left my 1st born baby lol (studio & Kalamity) to other people to run my dance studio when we moved. Phew that was hard not knowing if people would love it like I do….but they do! Giving others opportunities to grow and teach is so much more rewarding. watching them grow and become even more amazing is so cool. Guess what?! people cAn be trusted…We all handled that like a boss.

4. I WASN’T AS STRONG AS I THOUGHT I WAS : Believe me I am strong but this past year I was tested! I’m the one that tells everyone to say “I AM STRONG” “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” and Honestly This year I had to apply…BIG TIME! There were times I refused! With the lords help, my husbands help and my kids patience and love for me I was able to pick my self up again when things got hard, dark and lonely adjusting to change….but I did it like a BOSS and I am STRONGER because of it. 💜

5. EVERY DAY IS A NEW OPPORTUNITY A 2nd CHANCE: with change I learned that I could recreate myself. I could be anything I wanted to be. I didn’t need to be the same person or do the same things. I could recreate myself I can do what I was doing in st. George just do it differently. It stretched me to reach wayyyy outside of my comfort zone! To look past my box and to look for who I can serve allll over! To spread what I do, stand for what I believe in to reach past my limits and add to it. Now Hotmess Fitness is being done in places like Romania. I just needed a push to be challenged and apply myself more to creating in different ways….💗we all need a little nudge.

6. THE PAST IS A BLESSING WHEN WE LOOK AT it THAT WAY: I learned to not despise my past or hate it or want to change it but to use it to help others! It’s a blessing when you open up and are REAL about things that happened and how you have grown from them. sharing my story AND STRUGGLES ARE ACTUALLY TO help others through the hard times and to help Others know they are not alone and there is a way!⚡️I encourage you to share…”sharing is caring”

7. HOME IS WHERE YOUR ❤️ is: Andy and I have put so much TLC into our Reno home here in Orem…I’ve come to love this house for the time ,love and memories we have already put into it! Not gonna lie when I first walked in I was scared…but to see and know that we did it together it feels so right and HOME♥️

8. APPRECIATE EVERYTHING: going from having a dance studio the last 10 years. easy access I can do anything workout / dance whenever I wanted to, to nothing…I realize i not only took that for granted but people to💕 be grateful for whatever you have and whoever you have right now in this moment.

9. COMPASSION: I’ll be honest the full time mom gig is hard…I love it but it is hard. My schedule before allowed Andy or I to be with the kids but I always had dance or hotmess so I never felt what other women said they would feel. And I get it now…I feel you mama it’s hard to get that “at home workout in” or “eat way healthy” when kids and life is pulling ya “to find that me time” when your just flipping exhausted…I get it and I Love you more♥️ WE CAN DO HARD THINGS THROUGH LOVE! Don’t judge we have no idea what people are going through! I feel like I’m more understanding to the reality of moms and all they do and sacrifice it’s truly amazing …💜

10.PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE: it’s true!

I use to think “no I don’t need friends.” “I’m good I don’t need them.” “I dont need girls night!” I can tell you ,people make people happy ! It is good to be around people “good people” “conversations” interacting” “laughing” it’s all oh sooo good for the soul and make me a better person, wife and mother! I’ve learned to not push people away but to embrace them alll, all of them and just LOVE! Life is happier that way! It’s ok go to that girls night go to that dance class…I come back happier for the people that matter most!

I love you alll thank you for being here and supporting our journey! 2018 was sooo good and soo much growth happened for me!! Don’t forget to be proud of yourself and even through those hard times there is a rainbow soo celebrate! it’s never wrong to be proud of the person you are becoming ♥️ everyday find something to be proud of and show your kids that we can use our struggles make us stronger!!!

Can’t wait to see what 33 brings🥰

Don’t forget your amazing

Say it…..I AM AMAzing