December 31st 11 yrs ago 🎆….21 yr old Tia was working at Gen-X clothing store…the place I actually met Andy a month prior when I complimented his converse 😉 which got me my first date with Andy a few weeks later 🤣

So This night My niece had called me during work and asked if I would take her and her friends around town to do a video scavenger hunt…I didn’t want to do it but she begged and I said yes.

Andy and I had been dating about 2 weeks now…so we were still in hanging out every day mode😉 ya know?!

So like any obsessed gf👫 I wanted to hangout with him 24 /7 after work especially because it was NEW YEARs 🎆 so I invited him to come along…he said he couldnt😢 he had dinner plans with his parents. so on top of taking my 15 yr old niece around town and my bf not wanting to hang out with me on NEW YEARS I was 🤬

So I get off work. Drive my niece and her friends all over town to do this video scavenger hunt…we get to the last spot which is a park and they tell me “come help us find the switch we are looking for” I say “no”🤬 they ask again so I grudgingly get out and start looking and

BAMMM the White lights that were set up at the park earlier by my sister @tonya turn on and out comes Mr. Stokes all dressed up and lookin reeallllll fine 😍 he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him 💍 I was shocked and pretty sure I started crying!

I guess you can say I didn’t stay 🤬 very long at my niece or Andy that night!

The last day of the year will always be the memory of the 1st day of my new life ❤️


For choosing me. thank you For seeing in me the Mother of your boys. Thank you for letting me be your side kick, biggest cheerleader and lifetime assistant coach.

Thank you for letting me be your YES.

I love you.

I will never forget what my dad said to Andy after he arm wrestled him for my hand in marriage “no givebacks” 😂❤️

Happy New YEARS Eve. Everyone❤️

Don’t forget how amazing you are


And be sure to make amazing memories tonight, it’s the last day of 2018