If your new here I’m TIA a mom Of 4 amazing boys! We recently made a big move to orem Utah from st. George Utah this year for my husbands job! He coaches high school football and is a school teacher! We love it here we are finding our groove and adjusting to life’s changes!

We own a Non-profit dance studio In St. George called The Vault dance Studio! We opened it in 2011 and it still runs today with my amazing staff!

We dance for a cause every year all year! We have raised over $500,000 for families in need! We love this part of our life and can’t see life without it hence why it’s still going today and why we still make it a big part of our lives 300 miles away!

Every year we put on an end of the year benefit concert for the family we served and danced for that year! This year 2018 is David a young father in need of a heart transplant #prayfordavid Last week was our concert for David it was Amazing The spirit all week was so strong and so many tender mercies happen to let me know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing still. Especially now that we are moved away sometimes it can get tying on our family! We know it’s so good for all of us and the lord lets us know our work is not finished yet. And that we are right where we are suppose to be…

The story goes:

So it’s Tuesday the day of the 1st night of the SHOW! Andy and I walk into the stage at 11:30am to start unloading and setting props. We walk in and see teenagers hanging out on the stage and one of them happen to be Jonah Lutui. Jonah was one of Andy’s football players when he was coaching at Dixie high. We love Jonah! If you know him he’s easy to love! Jonah just a year ago was in a serious football accident that was so serious that he can’t play football anymore. This kid is a walking miracle!

So we chatted and talked about his play he had just finished and his singing and of course I made him sing for us! He did! Then something came over me and I invited him to be in the show THAT DAY! 🙊 ummm this was very out of character for me since the show was that day and everything had already been planned, programs printed and everything!

Well he said yes and that he could sing both nights! I told him to go pick his song and then bring it to me so I could get it on the playlist ASAP!

Well he comes back and he chooses “New York New York” a teenage boy chooses “New York New York” what are the odds. My dad use to sing “New York New York” at our Kalamity shows and we would dance when he was alive. My Dad passed away 5 yrs ago ❤️

Might be small to you…but to me this was a sign that this was meant to be and that my Dad was present.

It gets cooler.

The 2nd night at the end of the show when it was time to give David and his family the money we raised he came up to the stage and took his mask off to thank everyone…Jonah was up there with us.

Jonah was shocked!

Jonah after told me that when David took his mask off to say thank you. Jonah realized David was his physical therapist last year when Jonah was seriously injured. 😭

David was a PA and used to work with Jonah. Lift him out of bed. Take him for walks morning and night. Eat donuts together etc. David was the man who helped him through his hard time and now Jonah was able to help him and he didn’t even know it. ❤️😭

Isn’t that amazing?! How things went full circle. David helped Jonah and Jonah w/ out knowing helped David ❤️ CHRISTMAS MIRACLE 🎄

Some would say coincidence…but I don’t believe in coincidence as my nephew would say It’s “God-incidence” 11 years of “dancing for a cause” and doing these concerts I can say these tender mercies happen often…which is why we continue.

Grateful for these moments and I never want to forget them! This studio and putting on these concerts are not work it is a blessing❤️ I’m grateful my family still gets to put them on for moments like these!

We raised just over $8,500 in those 2 days for David! More than that all the love , support and prayers now that this family has is more than money can buy!

We are the ones blessed just by being apart of our causes lives❤️

#lovefordavid #prayfordavid he still needs a heart ASAP!

****Looking for a new 2019 cause**** if you know of any families in need email :

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