Happy thanks giving friends 🧡 I am so grateful for Is time of year to reflect on all things amazing and awesome! I’m so blessed with an amazing family, friends, business, dance family and so many things in my life!!

+++ I wanted to share something different

5 things that I NEVER THOUGHT I would be saying I’m grateful for UNTIL I HAD BOYS 🙈❤️ maybe you can relate?!

1. “The smell of outside dog smell” you know what im talking about. The smell of my boys when they play outside and they come in all sweaty an dog like and it kinda makes you dry heave in your mouth🤷🏽‍♀️…I’ve learned to love it because they can play, run and are able to enjoy the outside and be an active kid…also thank goodness for showers 😂

2. “Turf pellets all up in the house from the football field” if your a soccer, football, la cross mom you know those annoying black things!! this has taken some time to appreciate lol…But I do!!! I love that my boys have a passion. Something that they love and want to work hard at. A passion they are dedicated too. ALSO….it reminds me of this life we live as a family growing up on the football field watching our dad do his thing! #goodmemories

3. “Stinky socks all over the house” oh my not sure about your house but in mine as soon as the boys come in socks go flyin 🙈 I’m constantly saying put your dirty socks in the dirty clothes:) but I know one day I will miss them all being home! For now the dirty socks are a reminder that we are all together ❤️ as a family home safe and sound!

4. “Mom can I have a snack?” Right after breakfast. Right after lunch. Right after dinner 😂 my boys are bottomless pits!! I swear they never get full and they aren’t even teenagers yet!! Not sure how I’m going to keep them fed as they get older but I love that they are able to EAT, grow and are healthy! Eat on boys! I’ll live in the kitchen as long as you want!

5. “The fighting” some days I want to pull my hair out and cry because I just want to be a “fun mom” and not play referee all day long. I know these are the memories we are going to look back and laugh at! I know these are the memories my boys are going to be at a family function in 15 years telling their kids about.i know as much as they argue and fight they love each other more and would do anything for each other!!

I love my boys and I’m so blessed that they all choose me to be their mom! I’m so grateful for them for teaching me so much everyday! They make me a better person!!

What are some things you are grateful for that you never thought you would be?? I’d love to hear it!!

Happy Thanksgiving❤️ eat lots of turkey and enjoy your loved ones!

thanks for reading

Don’t forget your amazing SAY IT “I ams amazing”