and just like that its over…..

As most of you know we made a HUGE CHANGE this year,  8 months ago this year! Read here to catch up if your new to my blog!

Since we have been here in Utah County I’m not gonna lie we have experienced many miracles and signs that say “YES we are suppose to be here” and if I’m being honest many moments of  “Are we doing the right thing?”. I’m sure we have all been there before! Those moments of discouragement and feeling like ‘what the heck did we do?” We know thats Satan just trying to get us to quit! Recognize it!!! So we write down the good and cling to those moments of  YES.

When people ask me how I like it…I say “adjusting” thats honest. Doesn’t mean we hate it and it doesn’t mean we absolutely love it! We are adjusting finding where we belong especially me. Finding how to adjust to a new schedule ( come on 7:30 am high school  and 8:30 elementary and 9:45 preschool wowza, give this mama a break with all the school times plus a crazy toddler lol) Trying to adjust our sails to our new community. For me I went from a working bossmom , very active , very involved in the community tooooo  a full time SAHM and if I want to be apart of my business now thats 3.5 hours away I make the drive and lately its been often:) Thats for another post:)

The one thing that has been such a YES for us and keeps us going is what we came here for. This football game. The people. The Family here. Even though our season ended too soon last night. WE ARE PROUD TO BE T-BIRDS and apart of the changes that are happening!

Sorry I have to brag about Andys coaching outside of “coaching” he has already done soo much for the program and these kids here. he loves them. He has continued a lot of our traditions that he started at Dixie over at TimpView…He gave the kids a cause Ana. (about Ana )They did service projects for her and other families in need. They danced for Ana. They visited the old folks weekly. Some of the boys attended the temple weekly. Every week we had a different position in our home to play games , eat and bond together. He loves his kids. We love these kids. The opportunity to coach is an opportunity to influence for good and hopefully give life lessons.

Although its tough to end the season too soon. Always hoping for the best of course a Win. Working hard towards that bigger WIN, it doesn’t always end like that! Thats the name of the game. it stings, it hurts, its heart breaking but mostly because we feel like we could have done more and for Andy what could he have done better. At the end of the day we have to remember the famous Britton covey talk

“Football is not life , life is a lot like football” – Britton Covey

We are so grateful to be here ,together. Grateful for this change that we get to experience, together. Grateful for the challenges that are making our relationship stronger, together. Grateful for the faith that we are growing ,together. Grateful for all the people in our life that we have met along the way, together. Grateful to be close to old friends like Andys old college friends Chas and Danielle ,together . Grateful to build stronger family relationships with family like Nani and Walter, The AhYous, The Hannemans and others ,together. Grateful for our TimpView family we are growing closer to , together. Grateful to love and be apart of more kids lives, together. Grateful for the many older brothers my boys have had and look up to, together. Grateful they are learning more of their Polynesian culture, together. Grateful for all the seniors who have made us laugh and touched our hearts, together. Grateful that we got to spend 8 months with our nephew Ammon who is a big part of our hearts and our boys memories, together.

Colors may change. Community may change and people may change but…

At the end of the day we are TOGETHER and thats the only thing that is guaranteed. Family. Win or Lose. We get up the next day. We get our minds right. Figure out what to learn from every situation. We work hard and Start up again for another season thats what family does. PROUD TO BE A T-BIRD.

So for anyone that has or is going through a BIG CHANGE a move maybe like us for that matter. I feel ya. its ok to have those off days. It is hard. Anything new is hard and thats ok. Its ok to struggle in that unfamiliar place but I’m here to tell you to keep the faith DONT GIVE UP it does get better! If you let it! We can’t expect change to be smooth sailing its always going to take some ADJUSTING and thats ok! if you were comfortable before like we were just remember Image result for comfort quotes
Excited for whats to come…We can only get better!

Thanks for reading.

Don’t forget how amazing you are Say it “I AM AMAZING”