So now that alll my crap is out in the open…my last blog – Let’s be honest post…when we talk food you now have a better understanding of me and how important “gut” health is to me!

Your gut is key to everything! It’s amazing how much control your gut has to just overall health , more energy, mental clarity, skin, metabolism ,weight loss and just everything! It really is key!!!

Going through my struggle I’ve had to turn my focus to “gut health”

Do you take a probiotic? If you do id love to know which one you love! I switch mine up between a few so my gut doesn’t get to used to one. Switching it up keeps it workin and flowin.

(This Post is sponsored by Viactiv but these are all my own opinions and reviews)

Viactiv Digestive Health has been the probiotic-derived chew that I have loved lately; it helps balance your gut by feeding the good bacteria you already have, and fighting the bad bacteria so you can feel your best! With prebiotic fiber and 10 billion cells of Lactobacillus LB Fermentate bacteria, Viactiv has helped ease my digestive pain, and the dark chocolate chews taste like “Tootsie rolls” 😋 the yummiest supplement for sure!! To try Viactiv Digestive Health, order on Amazon here or check your local Rite Aid.

Along with a good probiotic-derived supplement, here are 3 foods that I love that help with

“Gut Health” 

~ BLUEBERRIES: not only are blueberries great for digestion they are amazing antioxidants and can improve your immune system!!! Eat up!!


we love bananas around here! I’m sure you have all tried banana “nice cream” if not lmk I can give you some yumminess!

Help boost the microbes in the intestines which helps to move things through.

High levels of potassium and magnesium! Bananas also help with inflammation!

Best Eaten spotted brown to help not to bloat!

🥞Favorite banana pancakes from Chelsea Judd

1 banana : 1 1/2 cup oat flour : 1 cup of milk of choice (nut Milk) : blend and cook 😋

~ Beans :

The magical fruit! Lots of fiber! Healthy bacteria that helps the immune system and great protein!!! EAT UP!!

These are just a few of my favorite gut foods that I implement! Give em a try! I’d love to know what you eat or what you do for Gut health! Share share share!!

Never forget that good health is most important for our families and ourselves! we can keep striving everyday to be better at it!

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