Hey if you follow me on @tiabeestokes on Instagram…maybe you noticed I’m not there anymore.

My page Was HACKED, STOLEN and ERASED in the middle night to watch the story Click here and come back to hear what happened next…….💛

But first this fun suit😍😍😍because we gotta have some FUN, right?! OR skip to the end to see WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

3 ways to style a jumpsuit:

I used to be so afraid to wear anything but jeans because I was so self conscious about my butt! Until I found just pure gratitude for my butt and love for it that I don’t care…life is too short! Wear the freaking jumpsuit or whatever it is you want to but to scared to! Be daring be bold with your prints! Loving this cheetah print from @dressedinlala

+ 1st look momiform/ the daily look:

Wearing it super chill. Vans, chucks, tennis , hat and slouchy a CDB from @nena&co.

+ 2nd The early evening look:

Throw on a fun, funky cardi with it! So easy and such a fun switch up!

* this dreamy cardi from @dressedinlala cardi

*fun tassel earnings from @roziejune earings

+3rd look Date night /night out look:

Ladies we just went to Momiform turned Date night status girls…so easy with that jumpsuit! Throw on some black heels,switch up the earings, grab that crossover mini! Voiahlla🎉 Lets go out honey!

What happened after I got hacked!

I had a big come to Jesus moment! I’ve spent 4 years building and working sooo hard on this account. Building and making amazing relationships! Sharing my story, my families stories, moments, passions, beliefs in hopes to build a brand that inspires women and men to help them see their light, to live life to the fullest by being grateful for every moment life gives us! Just Wanting to use my passions and love to influence for good while connecting with people all over…ah I LOVE MY PEEPS!

And then this happens.

“What is the lord trying to teach me!?”

if I’m being honest

To give it a break! Spend more time in the moment and with my family ❤️ not sure about you but social media is taking up sooo much of my time! I have to admit it! And honestly I HATE IT! I needed a reality check to help me realize that this brand/ creating content is not that important and how temporary it really is! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE MY INSTA COMMUNITY❤️ I’m grateful for this opportunity that I’m able to share positive messages, fun looks, help other people on their journeys, make amazing new relationships that I would have never have made before with out it. As well as building my businesses through it has been a huge blessing. BUT REALLY it’s not as important as the little humans and big human in my home right now. If anything THANK YOU HACKER for helping me realize that it’s ok to take a break , it’s ok to breathe for a bit and to refocus on the people that matter most! And to realize that these little ones are going to be gone too OnedAy and I need to work on the relationships within my home 1st 💛


Honestly if INSTAGRAM works with us and I get my account back GREAT! I’ll be excited to see my instafam again with more focus and do a better job at balancing out time to be a mom , wife and influencer and if it doesn’t…. I still have my family and at the end of the day I think we can all agree that’s all WE need!

“Will I start another?!” Welp, funny story : I just told my Hotmess ladies last week.. “the reason I have you say those positive affirmations out loud is because when crap hits the fan in real life and you hit a bump in the road. Your next reaction will be “I GOT THIS” “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” “I AM NOT A QUITTER” lol” soooooo just because I’ve hit adversity I believe it’s not the end and I have to practice what I preach….not give to up! ❤️ i want to continue to spread my message of love, positivity and gratitude and build the relationships I’ve made! I just know this experience was not a negative one it has taught me to put the phone down, love the ones with you right in the moment and at the end of the day “EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY AND CAN GO AWAY JUST. LIKE. THAT. 💗” Invest in family 💛

Thanks for reading you guys!

Love you so much

Never forget your Amazing




Photos by: @whittneyjeanphoto