Crying tears today I can’t hold back the tears…happy tears…a few weeks ago if you would have asked they were tears of missing my home and missing the people that I’m used to. Missing my schedule . Missing my routine. Missing me.

Until I realized I found a new Me. I can create it and I will create it!

I once had a parent ask me in a heated conversation “How long do you actually think you will do this?! Dance for a cause?! Teach?! Keep The Vault running?”


The Vault is going strong in St. George! My staff is killing it and are soooo amazing! They are a true blessing to me our dancers and The Vault! They are stepping it up and doing everything to keep our dance home going! I love them and sooo grateful for this opportunity to step back, be a SAH mom, slet them rise, grow , give our dancers a place to DANCE FOR A CAUSE but most importantly support my husband at this time in his career. It’s crazy to think that when I started THE VAULT I ate, drank, slept , pooped The Vault. Teaching everyday hours on end doing everything and now I’m not even there! Thanks to the amazing people in my life! The lord is good!

So to that parent…..”For as long as the Lord allows us.”

As for Me in Utah county away from The Vault , running my studio from 300 miles away through DM messenger and Marco Polo…this is the NEW ME😌🤗


What i discovered is this doesn’t have to end for me…I can create everything I had… just a little differently! Soooo…

1. I launched HOTMESS FITNESS online LIVE! Helping women all over the world to LOVE and appreciate THEIR BODIES and in reward LOVE LIFe❤️ it’s sooo cool to see the women on he computer sweating , working hard and supporting one another all over the world! This experience has been soooo cool and such a motivator for me too it’s 2 weeks in and some ladies have already seen a shift in life and they have become like sisters to me 💗 I love it! #loveyourbodyloveyourlife

2. I started an adult Hiphop class on Wednesday nights thanks to my husband I am teaching in his football facility! WhAt a Guy for sharing with me, right?!:) I’m not gonna lie this hasn’t just blown off and been full classes from the git. There were a few weeks it was only me. No one came. You guys I haven’t experienced that since 2009 🙊 Yep I cried and told Andy “I’m starting all over again, 11 years ago😭 and I don’t want to, it took me along time to build that class and No one wants to dance with an old lady ” 😭 he helped me remember I am doing this for my fun time and “just because it’s no today, doesn’t mean it will be no Tomorrow” Keep trying!

So I’m sticking it out and guess what?! It’s growing!! I’m learning perseverance and it’s ok to START OVER ❤️

3. Last but not least…..IM SOOOOOO EXCITED🎉 drumroll………..

We now have a Northern Utah Kalamity 🎉along with our Southern Utah Kalamity

Not sure if you remember my blogpost about maybe one day spreading “Dance for a Cause” up here and expanding the Dance mission”….Well we are doing it and this is the Team to do it!!! Ahhh happy tears 😭 sooooo crazy to see it happening and my dream of expanding and spreading Kalamity and Dance for a cause is coming in full effect….maybe THE VAULT one day🧡

So cool!!! most of these girls danced at The Vault or were on Kaos or Kalamity back in St. George at one point or the other and are so excited to come together to bring our dance mission here! With that……..🎉 WE NEED A CAUSE …..please SUBMIT any families up north that are in need of some major love , prayers , support who we can dedicate our passion too💗💗💗💗 leave story below👇🏽 or email

Northern Utah Kalamity :




Brynn (np)




Jessica (np)

And Tia

We are already preparing for our first performance together on September 27th for the Childrens justice center up here!

Things that I have learned:

*People still want to dance with an old lady:)

*If you have a dream or a will. Take giant leaps of faith and just go for it you never know who you will come Into your life that you can help and If you help 1 THATS ENOUGH!

* it’s ok to be sad and miss the old but wipe your tears ,get back to work…he needs you!❤️

Thanks for being here on my journey!

Don’t forget your amazing